Latest NACHI video - Check it out

Here is the latest promotional video for NACHI (and my company).

If anyone want’s one, please send me a first shot picture and I will send back a personalized versions for your company.

Hope this helps;


Very, very nice!! My wife and I also really liked the Home Inspector Wife Tribute video! My wife could not believe the interesting things that are encountered during inspections.

By the way, are you a big Beatles fan?? My all time favorite group!!! Grew up with them.

Will, that was absolutely great, my congradulations to you in putting this together.

By the way, was that your wife on the staging. ha. ha.

Good job.

If I were in this full time, I would get one. But, wait, are you going to be around in the next five years, when I decide to dump 45 years of commercial work to the dogs. I think your video is looking better already. LOL



Another job well done. My hat goes off for you. That would make a great TV ad.:slight_smile:


Thanks;:slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hey Will, Anytime you want to drop a video my way with my info in it, you will not hear me complain.:mrgreen: You would think I would have all the time in the world to put one together after my back surgery? But those darn Oxycontin pills do crazy things to your brain.:roll:

Be careful Mark. They are so addictive! :frowning:

:shock: Ya think so? They even topped that off with Oxycodine! :mrgreen:

As I previously posted.

Just send me:

  1. A picture (jpeg, preferably in a large format) with your info for the first pictuire.
  2. Any specific pictures that you want to be used.
  3. Your song (I have 3 daughters who have totally swiped all my CDs of my classics. You WOULD NOT BELIEVE! I can’t find my CSN or Beatles or Pink Floyd or Styx or Black Sabbath or ELP anywhere.)

I will make a custom presentation for you. Free (OK, you owe me a beer of four.)

Support NACHI and you have about 9,000+ people at your back!

Nice Will!!!:cool: