Latest Scam doing the rounds

Free energy.

Remember 2 things.

  1. The Laws of Thermodynamics
  2. If it seems too good to be true, it usually is.

But its TESLA!!!

That’s enough to build an entire scam on.:frowning:

So you’ve looked into this and understand the principals involved… Can’t say I have but to assume it’s not legitimate is more a matter of mentality, than fact. I’m sure you could find the information without paying the entrance fee… If you were so inclined.

Scam notwithstanding, my last monthly electrical bill was just over 40 bucks, and only half of that was actually for the watts I used. My internet plus phone bill averages 100 bux, if I had cable (I don’t) that would probably be another hundred bux based on the channels I would want to have. So, free electricity, who gives a poop? what I want is free beer!

I vote for that!

The chief principle involved is gullibility. Should be a match for you. Please report back your results to the group.

Rick, unfortunately, I am one of those sad b45t4rds who looked into these things years ago.

The principle these “free electric” scams work on is based upon 2 “facts”.

  1. Nikola Tesla was a GA NYUS
  2. He had a wicked sense of humor.

The first one was a fact, the second is I believe folklore made up to support the Quantum Energy nut-balls and scam artists.

You may or may not be aware of one of Tesla’s inventions the Tesla Coil. He actually invented about 5 different types but the premise is pretty much the same in all of them.

  1. An A/C current is injected into a high power step-up transformer.
  2. The transformer steps the voltage up (and the current down) and charges a capacitor
  3. The capacitor creates and increased potential until such time as the voltage can breach the
  4. spark-gap. At this point the current flows across to the large
  5. toroid coil transformer which steps the voltage up immensely (and the current down immensely) producing
  6. high voltage electrical sparks with almost no amperage.

The “free energy” boys (& girls) think that Tesla was “'aving a larf” and was using his investors money to develop something other than a spark generating machine and transmission systems (he did actually send electricity wirelessly through the air at Colorado springs)

They think that if you turn the Tesla coil arse about face, it will become the infamous (and slightly saleable) Free Tesla Energy machine.

I will explain again.

“Quantum” electricity is captured by the antenna.

  1. Atmospheric electricity does exist, and it is believed to have a charge of around 50v per linear vertical foot. This was discovered by Bennet and Volta in the 18th century. The problem is the amperage is 10-15 amps.
    That’s 0.0000000000000001 amps!
  2. This electricity then goes through a step-down transformer. Here’s where the first two problems come-in. In order to "capture the electricity and have it transformed, the antenna and primary coil have to be one and the same thing, and atmospheric current is DC. Remember in order to get 120v at 1 amp at the final end, you are going to have to capture a lot of volts at the primary end. That’s a BIG antenna. Then…
  3. A Capacitor is again used to collect, store and shunt electricity across a
  4. Spark gap in order to induce an intermittent circuit in the
  5. second step-down transformer. Here’s where problem three comes in. The intermittent “spark” is not A/C, so the circuit has to be smoothed. This is done in the video by the introduction of a generator winding.
    This generator is used to convert the intermittent spark, through the use of magnets and a rotary shaft into A/C which flows across the transformer to produce A/C electricity.

In all of the “demonstrations” they show light as the proof electricity is being generated. These are LED’s they work on DC. So the video is not getting to steps 5 and 6. The “capacitor starter” is actually a paid of AA bateries which get the motor spinning and then the toroid coil feedback loop and capacitor circuitry reduce the rate of decline of rotation , but it is declining.

In order to produce 15amp at 120v using this “Tesla system” you would have to take into account the energy loss across transformers due to heat generated. You would also have to take into account the loss through friction and centripetal forces of the A/C generator needed for the second part of the equation.

Assuming your secondary coil was 100:1 ratio you would need to generate .15amp and 12,000v in the intermediate circuit. The largest capacitor in the world stores around 24,000v so I guess this is possible.

However to generate that much electricity in the circuit and still maintain the AMP at a level that would be needed to transform into 15 amps would melt the spark electrodes in the first firing. So the voltage has to come down considerably as so the gap and the secondary coil has to return to around 1200:120 or 10:1.

So in order to harness the power from atmospheric electricity to even come close to producing unlimited 120v at 15amps my guesstimate is that you would need a coil to be able to collect sufficient volts to step-down to 1200v in the intermediate circuit at sufficient amperage that the step-down would produce the required service.

24 feet of primary antenna/coil would give you 1200v but you’d be about 4.1666-19 amps short of 15 amps at that point in time. So you’d need to ramp up the ratio, and the size of the primary antenna/coil.

Extend the aerial up to around 10 million miles and that should do the trick.

Told you I was a Sad B45t4rd!