Latest Update on SB 2234

Latest Update on SB 2234
Bill #: SB2234
Year: 2007

Bill Summary:
While the Florida Legislature does not convene until March 6th, SB 2234 regarding the regulation of home inspectors has been pre-filed. The bill would create regulation and licensure for home inspectors, mold assessors and remediators and wind-mitigation assessors in the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.
The Department would set fees for home inspector exams, re-exams, licensing and renewal. The initial and biennial license fees would not exceed $200. To become a home inspector an applicant must:
• Take the licensure exam
• Be of good moral character
• Have received a high school diploma or its equivalent
• Have completed no less than 120 hours of study covering a variety of home components

The Department will review and approve courses of study and exams by a nationally recognized entity that sets programs and standards that “ensure competence as a home inspector.”

In addition, home inspectors that hold licenses in other states with requirements the same as or exceeding the proposed rules and has passed a similar home inspector exam can also receive a license.

SB 2234 also provides for renewal of a license. At the time of renewal, a licensee must submit to the Department proof that during the two years prior to renewing the license he or she has completed at least 14 hours of continuing education. The criteria of continuing education will be defined by the Department. The bill also outlines provisions for placing a license in “inactive” status and how to reactivate the “inactive” license.

In addition, the bill also offers a biennial certificate of authorization to a corporation or company that offers home inspection services. All employees of the company or corporation that offer home inspector services must hold a home inspector license.

Home inspectors would be required to carry liability insurance of no less than $300,000.

The bill outlines the prohibited acts for home inspectors and disciplinary actions that may be taken by the Board.

SB 2234 also includes a grandfather clause valid until January 1, 2009 that allows all individuals practicing home inspection for compensation to receive a license under the following rules:
• He or she has received a high school diploma or its equivalent
• Has been engaged in the practice of home inspection for at least 3 years prior to July 1, 2007
• Is of good moral character
• Has not committed any acts that would be ground for disciplinary actions.

The bill also provides guidelines for mold assessors and remediators, and wind-mitigation assessors.

SB 2234 was pre-filed on February 27, 2007 by Sen. Wise and has yet to be referred to a committee.

On March 15, SB 2234 was formally introduced and referred to the Senate Committee on Regulated Industries, the Senate Committee on Criminal Justice and the Senate Committee on General Government Appropriations.

On April 9, SB 2234 was given a hearing in the Regulated Industries Committee. At that hearing, the Committee amended the bill and passed it as amended unanimously.

The amended SB 2234 had its first reading in the Senate on April 11th. The bill was sent to the Criminal Justice Committee on April 12th.

On April 17, the Criminal Justice Committee held a hearing on SB 2234. At that hearing, the Committee amended the bill further and passed it as amended unanimously.

The newly-amended bill was then read again for the first time in the Senate on April 18 and sent to the Committee on General Government Appropriations. A hearing was held on SB 2234 on April 24th, where the bill was amended yet again and passed unanimously.

SB 2234 was placed on the Senate Special Order Calendar for Friday, April 27th to have its second reading. This means it will be debated on the Senate floor where it can be amended further.

The following is a link to the original bill:

The following is a link to the bill as amended by the Regulated Industries Committee:

The following is a link to the bill as amended by the Criminal Justice Committee:

The following is a link to the bill as amended by the Committee on General Government Appropriations:

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