Latest Washington State numbers

As of today, October 30, 2015

License numbers issued…1257
Pending info or test…82

Leaving total active inspectors currently in the state: 868

Out of that active number,
50% are part timers no doubt. You are in a good position in your market!

I don’t think the part time percentage is that high. With the cost of initial licensing above $4k, it is not really conducive for part time… Although some new inspectors are only getting part time numbers. As busy as it has been, having that many with expired or cancelled licenses tells the story that it is not an easy business.

What were the suspensions for I wonder? Probably education?
I love them numbers, thx for sharing STEVE. The numbers going through school are way higher.

business is not easy.

I have not found the cause of the suspension. The DoL was supposed to put together a list like they do with Realtor / Agent suspensions and fines. That was 2 or 3 years ago and it still isn’t done. They are too busy trying to change the meaning of the law in order to cover their incompetence at running the program.

Apparently licensing does help in some States. Looks like Illinois is getting a little tougher on disciplinary action. Previously most have been for failure to pay child support or lack of CE credits.

Here’s one from April of this year (Nachi member) from northern part of state.

Sorry for the thread drift. Back to regular scheduled programming.

i think licensing was good in this state, just some bugs to work out over the years. Exactly correct in saying it its a power move. I may look into the board soon, i am getting more time on my hands have multiple inspectors, As steve said, only 800+ inspectors in the state, if there was no licensing, it would be a joke right now with such a good market right now in this state. I meet people all the time who want to bea home inspector. photographers, artist, bar tenders, bud tenders. etc…