Latest wind mitigation inspection legislation...

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Let’s wait and see, the obesse woman hasn’t finished her Aria just yet, members should be emailing their local Reps & Sens on this topic.


They need to come up with a workable Wind Mit inspection form that does not require the birth weight of the homeowner and the passenger list for the Titanic.

This looks like it goes into effect June 1st

GENERAL BILL by General Government Appropriations and Banking and Insurance and Richter (CO-SPONSORS) Gaetz Property Insurance [CPSC]: Delays the repeal of a provision exempting medical malpractice insurance premiums from emergency assessments to the Hurricane Catastrophe Fund. Revises the minimum surplus as to policyholders which must be maintained by certain insurers. Exempts certain individuals from the requirement to pass an examination before being issued a license as an agent, customer representative, or adjuster, etc. Effective Date: 06/01/2010 except as otherwise provided *

  •   		 				 					 						 		 							*Last Event:  0**4/23/10 S CS passed as amended **(970098, 837380, 785946,  602482, 599856,             597492, 585216, 540640, 538148, 462272, 371034, 299768,             138810); YEAS  32  NAYS  4 on Friday, April 23, 2010 2:18 PM*

As I read it:

A contractor must have employed all inspectors, and not as subs. A contractor can not even use an employee leasing company as I see it. Any employee will have to have training/experience to do them. This is great for the little guy and is a swift kick to the big guy.

Home inspectors(state licensed) with 3 hours of training will be allowed to do them also.