Laundry GFCI requirements

Is the receptacle intended for the washer/dryer required to be protected?
Are non-countertop/sink receptacles required to be protected?

Depends on the code cycle and location or presence of a laundry tub.

nfpa has free access
& jade is another source for furthering your education
didn’t they do away w/laundry tub in 2014

As Jim stated you would need more information to answer the question. GFCI requirements for the laundry area have changed quite a bit over the past 20 years.

Jerry Peck publishes a great GFCI resource:

Nice chart. According to that, as of 2008 all receptacles in the laundry room should be gfci protected. Do you call out the receptacle intended for the washer/dryer as a safety issue if it is not protected?

Is there a sink with 6’ of the receptacle?

You can recommend GFCI receptacles in these locations: even if before their requirement, for enhanced safety, thereby bypassing the use of the word code.

After all, your client is hiring you for your opinion, and you don’t have to refer to or remember the code cycles.

Good point and the major difference between you guys (HI’s) and us guys code inspectors/electricians. For us the code that was adopted at the time of installation is what matters.

As part of that “opinion” are HI’s recommending installing AFCI protection for older homes?

Link broken.

I call out missing AFCI protection as a safety issue on all ages.

I can’t speak for all but many are making those type of recommendations in older houses simple for enhanced safety of the occupants.


Isn’t that l like saying a Pinto is missing air bags ? It is only missing if required IMO . Otherwise you can recommend it to enhance safety , but phrased as missing puts it in a different light and gets a more negative response from the potential buyers.

"Although not required when originally built, You may wish to upgrade…bla bla bla safety… ":wink:

Something like that. Let the buyer know there are newer electrical safety devices available and let them research and make the decision on what to do.

(unless the airbag was near the gas tank in a pinto really no point).