Laundry Pure

Has anyone ever used or tried this product?

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Cost is $600.

I get a lot of soap bubble backup at the drain and this would eliminate the soap.

I would think this would be a good product for a Green building.


I’ve heard of these things, but I’ve also heard they don’t work, and your clothes stink. If you are thinking about trying it, I’d be sure to do the No Risk trial, and understand all the fine print that goes along with it.

I actually purchased one of these about 3 months ago. I took the 5 day trial and loved it. My dealer brought it in, set it up and asked me if he could call me for a 1 minute question period everyday during the trial. He told me if I didn’t like it, he would come back and pick it up, with no obligation. I just had to sign a piece of paper saying that I wouldn’t intentionally damage the machine and that it would not be removed from my home. I wash some pretty funky stuff, and it has all come out clean with no odors. It is pretty cool. I don’t use hot water at all any more, and no laundry detergent. I use very little bleach. I do have to pretreat some really bad stains, but even the ones I forgot to pretreat have come out much cleaner than normal.
If you are unsure, take the risk free trial. I like mine very much, and probably wouldn’t have bought it if I hadn’t tried it myself.

They must have dropped the price on these recently. I paid $747 for mine 3 months ago.

Exactly it is like the magnet for your car gas line it too did not work .
I would be inclined to ignore the above Steve’s post he has never posted here before so he just might be selling the product.

… Cookie

No one’s putting much over on you, Roy!!

Sorry guys, just trying to give you my feedback from my own experience. I am definately not trying to push anyone to buy anything. I am having a good experience with mine. I actually did some research before I bought it though. I found a newsclip on from an investigative team that checked it out. I wasn’t about to fork out $750 without some idea that it worked. This is the link to the video

I thought exactly the same thing. As soon as you see the word ions, you know it’s one of these.

But if it’s on Fox, then it must be true!

It appears to be a $600 light bulb that comes on when you switch your washer on, combined with two motorised ball valves not unlike a floodstop but with the sensor linked to the washer.

There’s not even a mention of softening the water, which is what you really need to wash clothes. Of course cold water will clean clothes, but it needs to be soft, which is why we use soap.

So you’re not going to get dirty clothes from using it, just a bad wash. Now I wonder why there were still some stains left in the pants at the end of the Fox piece? Forgot to use the soap perhaps?