Laundry room, wash tub receptacle

Scenario: Laundry room with washing machine and wash tub with small counter space. The washer is on one dedicated outlet but that is the only outlet in entire laundry room. Home built in 2009.

Questions: Is another receptacle required in a laundry room if a wash tub with small counter exists?

Since the washer dedicated outlet is within the 6’ arc, should I assume that it should be changed to a GFCI protected duplex.?

I know NEC 210.8 states that all receptacles should be GFCI for any receptacle within 6’ arc. But there is no accessible receptacle in the laundry room besides the dedicated washer outlet.

Thanks in advance!

Yes, GFCI protection is required within 6’ of the laundry sink. Here are the requirements for a laundry receptacle in the 2008 NEC:

Now let me translate…lol…Yes if within 6’ it has to be on GFCI…No the single receptacle is all that is required .