Laundry sink within 12 inches of main panel

Would you call out a main panel installed within the last 3 years that is <12 inches from a laundry sink.

Should be 3 feet correct?

Also a family room has 2 entry doors. One from drive and one from deck. There is no interior switch at the deck entrance. Would you call this out?

Should be for proper illumination right?


125408 034 (Small).jpg

A long as appropriate working clearance has been maintained (30"w X 36"d X 78"h), there is no issue here. . .

Also, the 30" width requirement does not mean 15 inches each side. The panel can be located laterally, anywhere within the 30" space requirement.


Mr. Pope is 100% correct on the first part so I will only address the above mentioned quote.

The NEC does not tell us where the switch has to be…but it does say the entry needs to be illuminated( grade level access entrances and exits only )…it may be a royal pain to have no switch at it but as long as it is illuminated and is switched from somewhere…it could be switched from the other side of the room if they choose…according to CODE anyway…not intelligence of the installer.:mrgreen:

Now…just so people know…it does not mean every door has to have a light beside it…it just needs to be illuminated…so a flood light that is switched could provide this light.