Law and Disorder Seminar

**Illinois State Chapter is bring: **

**Law and Disorder Seminar Coming to Chicago on August 7, 2008 **

The acclaimed Law and Disorder Seminar is coming to Chicago, IL on August 7, 2008 from 9:00 a. m. to 1:00 p. m. It will be held at the:

Chicago Marriott Schaumburg
50 North Martingale Road
Schaumburg, IL 60173

InterNACHI Members will receive a $100.00 credit toward their renewal dues. So the seminar is $29.00 for InterNACHI Members

Everyone else will receive a FREE InterNACHI Membership, a $289.00 Value.

Cost includes a 58 page downloadable Seminar Booklet.

To register, click this link.

Email me with any questions.

Law and Disorder Seminar Coming to Chicago on August 7, 2008](

Sounds like members get screwed here; they save $71 while the newbie gets $289!! Anything to keep the newbies running in for the “brotherhood”. Join here; it’s cheap; get lots of free help (don’t forget…your local competitor gets the free help also!!! Haven’t ever heard of GM giving away trade secrets to Ford or Chrysler!)

Correct, it is a “brotherhood.”

Yep! Brother helping brother compete against brother!! The more, the better for…NICK. Cheap and easy “certification” in a few days/weeks with unproctored testing, promises to keep up with training (who verifies all members are up to date? Oh, right! It’s the honour system), repeat the entry exam every year (who else does this? Try it on other professions!!) More spin for the public to suck up.

That’s why growth is so fast!! Make it real easy and wannabes will rush in…to an overcrowded marketplace to try to make it for a year or two!!

Jeez, Nick, in my province, looks like you’ll have more “certified” members in 1-2 years than the established CAHPI chapter has after 10+ years. Talk about a diploma mill!!! Should be interesting for them…this market is overcrowded with HI’s, is starting to follow the US down due to 8-9 years of bubble market prices/real estate flippers/speculators, some economic uncertainty plus very high energy prices…people starting to stay put!!

Mr Ferry’s class is excellent.

I would tend to believe it is!!

Brian, they aren’t joing because it is easy. I don’t know about Canadian associations but is more rigorous than all the U.S. association’s requirements combined times 10!

You are correct, we continue to grow fast… but I suspect that it is because they want and and all the great advanced education… like Attorney Ferry’s class.

InterNACHI membership gives its members a big “edge” that makes it harder and harder for non-members to live without. Non-members are an endangered species.

Non-members can either adapt (join InterNACHI), move (to Bangladesh or Mozambique), or perish (go out of business)… any one of them is fine by me. Most are adapting as they are sensible and have families to feed. After a year they grow to love the brotherhood.

Planet NACHI… resistance is futile.

Mac Neish

Go suck it

Law and Disorder Seminar Coming to Chicago on August 7, 2008](


[FONT=Verdana]The Law and Disorder Seminar in Schaumburg, IL **was a Great success. **

I was very happy to see that we had 3 non member attend who where very interested in becoming InterNACHI members.

Most the inspector says the Seminar was very interesting and a lot of good information that they would start putting into practices?

I would like to think every one who attended for coming and a Special Thanks to Joseph Ferry for taking time to come & I hope to see every one at the next Seminar.