Law and Disorder - TORONTO, ON - November 13, 2008

The acclaimed Law and Disorder Seminar is coming to TORONTO, ON on November 13, 2008.

You can read about the seminar here.

You can watch a six-minute video about it here.

You can register here.

The cost of the Seminar is $139.00 [INACHI Members get $100.00 credit toward their next year’s dues; non-members get a FREE INACHI Membership].

The course is approved for 4 INACHI CEUs and 4 ASHI MRCs.
All registrants will receive a 58 page downloadable Seminar Booklet.

It will be held at the :

Renaissance Airport Toronto Hotel & Conference Center
801 Dixon Road
Toronto, Ontario M9W 1J5 Canada

416 675 6100

Register here.

Email me with any questions.

Pardon? A free membership? Huh… well I guess that leaves me a little pissed off that I paid $289 when I could have just paid $139 for this seminar that I will likely attend anyway

There’s a lot of playing around with the finances here. I was talking to an ex-Nachi member a few weeks ago who said that he was given a free membership but now he’s left to join CAHPI.

Remember this org is controlled from the top and members have little, if any, say!!! Well they may have “say” on these boards but they have no power!!

Well Brian… I certainly appreciate your input however if someone left to join CAHPI they are in for the run around of a life time. I certainly wish them a great deal of luck. As for the finances around here… I’ll reserve judgement until after I hear back from someone of authority on this subject.

We do have laws such as the consumer protection act that would easily resolve this. But I don’t think it will come to that. I have a lot of faith in NACHI!


There are many free memberships given away while others like yourself pay full fair. Logically if memberships are free, all memberships should be free or all memberships should be paid by the member. Seems discriminatory based on a number of qualifying criteria dependent on the prevailing wind.



Wait a minute… Did you pay the $289 or did I? You sound more pissed off than I am. Well one thing I can tell you is I practically begged OAHI and CAPHI to take my money for a number of things and they couldn’t even be bothered to respond to my numerous emails. I can’t help but wonder if they would be as responsive should I need some assistance with a inspection disagreement.

Further, I have sent a request for some type of compensation as obviously I agree it is not fair to charge $289 one day then less than half that the next. Thus far Nick and NACHI as a whole have not dissapointed me and I expect that they will resolve this situation as well. One thing I have learned through my business experience is that often decisions are made for reasons that are unclear and constantly questioning this is both fusterating and a nuisence to the person or people you are questioning. I think this time I’d rather sit back and wait for a fair resolution. The bottom line is … If Nick were to tell me tough luck yeah I’d have some hard feelings but I’d continue to be a NACHI member because I find a great deal of value in it for a mere $289.

If you don’t have $289 to invest you probably shouldn’t be self employeed. Do I think NACHI is perfect? NO, I’m not stupid. However I think when I compare their SERVICE to other associations NACHI provides VERY GOOD value to its members.

NICK if you’re reading this… um… shoot… I guess I practically told you to keep my money lol… but I know you’re a fair guy and will work something out for me! : )


As I said I had a free membership, one day I decided to pay the $289, only to find out that many more had been given out and continue to be handed out. Well I must admit I called Nachi HQ and asked for my money back and I got it. In my opinion paying while someone else is getting it for free devalues the membership value. Frankly the only true benefit that I can see is the value of this discussion board. Other than that what tangible services have really boosted your sales?

I must admit Nachi is quick on replies, and that is a good thing as you allude. The other association needs to take a page out of Nachi for excellent service! Nick and I have had many discussions and I am sure your dealings with Nick will be as enjoyable as mine have been.


Sean, you can take the $100 credit on your renewal at InterNACHI. The money we give up is spent, but not on us. We spend it on you!

We basically pay back your money to you, for you to then use, to take courses that help you!

Anyway, you get to spend 4 hours with an attorney who’s expertise just happens to be in the profession you are in. What’s that worth?

Why is the banned member from Canada being allowed to post here Nick?

Joe Ferry’s Seminar is a “Do Not Miss” Event.

He’s not a member and so can’t be banned. InterNACHI has no jurisdiction over non-members of course. It can only influence members. Once a member is booted, that ex-member is out from under any InterNACHI control.

But he was banned and his accounts have been deleted repeatedly. Why not this one?

As I explained to ESOP, we agreed to delete certain accounts over and over only to prove to ESOP that it is impossible technically to ban non-members from posting. A non-member can simply re-register under another goofy name over and over.

We had to do this as some on ESOP apparently didn’t understand what we were trying to explain to them… that being that we have no technical ability to ban any non-member.

Hey Nick… Thanks for getting back to me. Well, as I mentioned previously, I find great value in NACHI so I’m not going to go on and on about this. But I do need to stress that its poor practice to change pricing or make an offer such as this a few days after someone pays for a service. It would be like me charging one day $350 they guy refers me to someone else and I only charge $150 and I throw in thermal imaging. I very much respect that this course has good value however I have to admit that it is a little disheartening to have the price that I paid change literally 6 days later.

I don’t intend to make a federal case out of this however I hope that you can see my point that literally six days after paying $289 I find I could have paid only $129 and not only received the membership but also the course… Jesus basically for both its costing me $418 where a new member who takes that course only pays $129. Basically I’ve wasted $289 and while I recognize its only $289 I could have spent that money more wisely. I certainly appreciate the $100 off next years renewal however that still leaves a huge difference of $189 and more money out of my pocket today.

For the record, I did try to take this up in a more private manner through email but I didn’t get a response.

As for the “whats that worth” I tend to agree. My argument isn’t with spending the money. I freely did that. My argment is that 6 days later the price I paid has been signifigantly reduced and you’re offering more with it. I’m not in a habit of foolishly spending extra money. Let me ask you… If you had the option of paying 289+129 or simiply 129 which one do you think you would pay??? Again, I’m not arguing the value of a NACHI membership and I’m not arguing the value of this seminar… I 100% support both. My dispute is the price difference a mere six days later. In fact while I know this doesnt apply, I have to mention the Canadian Consumer Act would protect the consumer and they would be entitled to a refund or the difference.

Can I ask Nick… Why wouldn’t I cancel my membership and then reapply using the seminars considerably more affordable option?

It came in at 6:39pm after office closed.

Quitting wouldn’t help because you wouldn’t get free membership from the class anyway as they will only apply it to new-to-InterNACHI applicants. Otherwise members would just keep quitting, finding a vendor that offers free membership, and rejoining. Members still get $100 off their renewal though. It has little to do with InterNACHI and more to do with what vendor procured the new member. Some vendors buy new-to-InterNACHI memberships in bulk from us and then package them with their goods/services as they see fit.

If you think you are owed more, just scribble a short note on your renewal form next year explaining and staff will credit you whatever you say.

Ok Nick… My god man go to bed… I took (for the first time) an energy capsule I got at the corner store. Wow they work way too well. I guess I’ll leave it at that for now. I know that sometimes when something doesn’t make sense there may be reasons behind it. As I mentioned near the top of this thread, I believe I will get GREAT VALUE from my NACHI membership. Granted I’d still rather have paid only 129 but I’ll take you at your word that should next years renewal come up and I haven’t seen this value I’d get an increased credit. (Just in case I’ll save a copy of this as I am in the business of covering my ***). So with that perhaps we can bring this to a close. I apoligize if I have moved this thread away from it original intention of promoting this worthy seminar. SO issue closed. Lets move back in that direction should it so please the masses.


What date did you join Nachi? Was it within the last 10 days?

Yes Sir… Oct 4

Hey Michael

Obviously Nick likes me better than you! Now stop whining and go do some inspections and stop pretending you know so much about nothing!