Law and Disorder

We had inpsectors from all over Ontario to-nite, great job Joe and Thanx, if you ever get the chance to attend Joe’s seminar just do it.:smiley:

Great course Joe, and well worth taking very educational.
It was good to see some old friends and make some new ones. Always a good time with NACHI

:shock:Here is one more

One more after this one.:cool:

Last one, good night.:smiley:

Thanks for the great shots Charles.
Like I said elswhere a great seminar that should be attended.

It was worth every minute. Anyone who was not able to get to it tonight should try to get to it asap.

Charles, good pictures… and not just because I am in them (although I do improve the whole group :mrgreen:)

Great information, great seminar

Confirmed alot of things we have been doing all along.

Thanks Joe!!!


Great Training!!! look forward to seeing Joe again come to canada and teach …Another great InterNACHI Seminar

You used the right words… TRAINING. We all certainly will benefit from this information.
Last time Joe was here he asked over two hundred inspectors if he taught this course, would they be interested. Most hands went up.
Last night we had 23 in attendance. The rest should try to get to this course asap. The information Joe was able to give in this short time made us all go home (Bill DeVries… did you go home???) and sleep well last night.

Once again, THANKS JOE

PS I will start another thread that will emphasize how much we need this info.

Did Frank Cece attend? Which one is he?

Excellent information presented by Joe last night, on a very important topic for any Home Inspector/Business Owner. At the rate lawyers charge per hour, 4 hours of consultation and advice from one that knows the Home Inspection industry was a bargain at the price paid. Good to see the familiar faces and meet some new friends as well.