Hello to all. I am looking to get into the home inspection service business in Louisiana but am somewhat nervous as to reading about all the lawsuits on this forum. Is it somewhat to be excepted for this to happen or are the laws just not up to speed to keep this from happening. I know you have to dot your "I"s and cross all your “Tee’s” but it seems that some of these lawsuits are frivolous. I have to make a decision soon as to jump in so any help would be appreciated.


Relax, I heard all the people in Louisiana are really nice…

Seriously, it is about managing your clients expectations. Explain what an inspection is and what it is not.

Aside from that, anyone can sue any time they wish and there are no guarantees in life.

If your confident in knowing everything about homes, what’s there to be nervous about?

Besides, whats to worry your NACHI Certified. :smiley: