Leach bed

I have a septic problem… Leach bed failed inspection and was looking for any input or suggestions on what can be done to fix this? Thanks in advance

I assume you are referring to a sand mound?

Not sure where you are located.


I have been working with Curt and Jeremiah for almost 10 years.

My nextdoor neighbor just has his drain field replaced to the tune of $2300. They won’t do any repairs, as they just install a new one right next to the old one.

In NH we can’t repair systems any longer. Once failed complete replacement is required. Not sure how PA. is.
What type of system is it? Do you have any picture’s

That’s a very low price…My wife’s partner just had theirs replaced for about $12,000…no sand mound …no tank replacement…simple gravity drainage into conventional leaching field for a bungalow and a family of 4.