Lead Based Paint Changes

Just for informational purposes, HUD Guidelines have very recently been changed. It use to be Lead Risk Assessors could classify a deteriorated paint/stain surface as in “fair condition” and not considered a lead based paint “hazard”.

Now, any deteriorated paint/stain surface (whatever size) is considered a lead based paint hazard.

For those of you who make notation about deteriorated paint on a pre-built 1978 home in your report … for the homeowner’s safety … you may want to consider warning them of the possibility of a lead based paint hazard.

Lead based paint isn’t a concern. Lead based paint hazards are a concern, since these hazards are what harms the owner and their children.

Additionally, you may be interested in knowing that the CDC lowered lead poisoning to 5 ug/dl for children, which is very easily achieved with a lead based paint hazard.