Lead elimination info needed

A client has a child that has elevated lead levels over 6μ/dL

Where should she start for ridding her environment of the source?

Any wood, metal and painted plastic toys have been removed.
House received final in 1978.
They removed a large wall section 1 year ago.
Replaced HVAC equipment but left the old duct and reinsulated.

That’s about all I have right now.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, this is out of my league.

I had always read and understood that encapsulating it was the best way of eliminating exposure. Kicking up the dust in removing it, many say, creates more of a hazard than to cover the lead and leave it there.

You may want to consider the history of any lead flashings on the roof that would have leached into the soil surrounding the home. Children are attracted to dirt.

Barry, most lead paint exposure occurs when the children have direct contact with lead surfaces, such as, and most common, window sills. Most small children like to look out the windows and this puts them in direct contact with the sill. Hope this helps.

Was the Water source tested? How old is child? Possible exposure in Daycare, friend or relatives house or toys?

Agreed this is what I understood also, I was cert. but as I understand the Texas laws have changed and I can no longer test…another story…

The exterior paint was in very poor condition upon purchase
(blistered, peeling, chipping) apparent on surrounding soils and I advised accordingly.
They had the house repainted but I believe in this process have further contaminated the surrounding soils by scrapping and sanding without proper remediation protection.

They just want answers ASAP upon receiving test results from their kid’s pediatrician who is a little less then helpful when it comes to their course of further actions.

They understand they probably screwed up during remodeling/pregnancy…not blaming me just trust that I can assist.

Thanks to all, so far!

I remember a story I read about a family that came in contact with lead by using a jug bought in Mexico that had been glazed with a lead based glaze.Apparently the family had been using the jug for OJ and the acid in the juice had caused the lead to leach out of the glaze.
Just a thought.


You can direct them here…great site and info.



Thanks for the heads-up


Thanks, I already sent her the links to EPA, HUD, CDC, TDH…sites before I posted this topic.

Hey Barry many factors come into play when testing kids for Lead, one is obvious is the water testing how much lead in the water?
The other that is not so obvious is what underlying issues does the child have medically? and how old is the child?
My point is this my 8 year old son has high functioning Autism with lead counts that would really make you scratch your head and wonder. So I think I know a little about this one. You see in Texas they have some of the best doctors for this kind of thing they are called DANS doctors, as a matter of fact our son is going through a 3.5 week medical treatment this July in Austin. So more questions need to be answered, as we know in order for lead to get into our system we need to inhale or ingest the lead and many conditions need to be present for this to get into our systems.
If this is a major concern for the parents then consider sending them to a DANS doctor only.
If you need any more info on this matter you can PM me.

Thanks Troy hope all goes well with your son and I’ll pass on any info you can furnish to these folks. Look for PM soon.

Here is her reply
Barry, I just wanted to let you know that. I’m about to contact the Dallas Health Services you referred us to, and we’re taking our kids to get tested again this afternoon. Thank you again for you help. Sincerely, HJ