Lead from street

(Paul Lesieur, CMI) #1

I inspected a home on Saturday that has a lead supply from the street. I was called by the buyer today and asked if I would do an official test and I declined but did offer to send her some information.

My question is, does anyone here have anything in the form of a lead awareness document that you find effective and would share with me?

(Roy D. Cooke, Sr) #2
(Gary Oleski, CMI CT.# HOI. 341) #3

Lead in water test?

(Paul Lesieur, CMI) #4

Thanks Roy
No water test, see picture

Lead from street.jpg

(Jeffrey R. Jonas) #5

Minnesota Department of Health has tons of info… (choose what you need)…



(Kenneth A. Ramm) #6

Call it out to be changed and there is plenty online.
Is the ground clamp approved for lead?

(Paul Lesieur, CMI) #7

No, but it did pass St Paul inspections.

(Paul Lesieur, CMI) #8

Thanks Jeffrey