Lead Legislation Update

**Lead Legislation Update
**California has signed into law legislation that will reduce the amount of lead found in faucets, fittings, piping and other common plumbing parts to 0.25 per cent. The legislation follows AB1953, signed in 2006 to require the reduction by 2010. The Canadian Institute of Plumbing and Heating (CIPH) has been participating with the NSF Lead Task Group to develop a program under the NSF 61 group, also known as Annex G. Annex G was added to NSF 61 on December 19, 2008. “Manufacturers are not likely to produce separate product for only California so all of their product lines for North America will meet the new California requirement by 2010,” explained Jason Bourque, CIPH. “It should be noted that there is no scientific backing for the lead limits that California is mandating. However, because it is law to meet the new minimum lead levels in California come January 1, 2010, CIPH manufacturers will comply with the law and redesign their products to meet the requirement.”

Thanks for the info Mario. . .

I have mixed feelings about that kind of lead legislation.
As a landlord, dealing with lead is a costly and time-consuming affair, with lead paint tests, a very real threat of lawsuits (which are virtually impossible for a California landlord to win), and this kind of legislation.
And who’s to say that those plumbing manufacturers are going to change all of their products for ONE state? Maybe they’ll come out with an extra product or two, and mark them up double, or maybe they won’t service California at all.
Anyway I hope people aren’t spooked from investing in California real estate, though I doubt this will deter anyone. Here’s a link for a California lease agreement and some other CA real estate resources, hope they’re helpful, and thanks for the informative post Mario!

When I get a newsletter in the mail from the contractor’s board saying when they will ultimately delay implementing this…I’ll post it.