Lead / Outlet openings

Engaged in conversation with licensed electrician in Wisconsin.

He tells me he is no longer allowed to cut outlet openings in walls of older homes or any home suspected of having a lead based paint.

Supposedly is now or soon will be law in WI / Minn

Anyone have any information on this

Might be his company’s rule.

To comply with the Federal requirements, you need to give the “Keep your Family Safe from Lead” (I think that’s the name) EPA pamphlet and have it signed by the customer, and have the employees who perform the work having been trained in lead safe work practices.

This only applies if you’re disturbing more than 2 square feet of lead painted material. Sometimes, that’s the case just ripping down old service panel backboards when you’re doing a service change. Often the case when you’re adding recessed cans. Not necessarily the case adding a receptacle or two.