lead paint

Would like to know if we as inspector’s should look in to becoming licensed
lead paint inspector’s ? Had several calls this last week

Wait another two months for the ‘newness’ of the situation to wear off. If you still get a large amount of calls, only then would I consider it, from a ROI standpoint.

The new laws only affect contractors who can potentialy disturb lead based paints while remeadiating or remodeling.

By deffinition we should be doing neither.

BTW: I also have business interests in other areas that have required us to get certification.



I spoke with a seasoned agent today who told me FHA inspections needed a lead assessment under these new guidelines. Have you heard anything about this?

What lead course did you take?

There is nothing in the curriculum that teaches that a house has to have a lead assessment; as a contractor or subcontractor you have to provide them with literature that advises pre 1978 homes may contain lead base paint, the literature then goes on to explain the adverse affects of same.

Unless you are looking at shelling out approximately $20,000 for equipment to do a thorough inspection (not to mention get additional certifications) using XRF technology you are wasting your time.

LBP are in many homes throughout the US…most of it has been covered up with latex or oil based paints; the problems occur when remodeling work is done which is why GovCo has decided to address it where the problem occurs… during construction or remodeling.

Finally let me say that XRF testing runs around $300 - $400 per test which takes around 2 - 4 hours plus any reports. I have contemplated at getting my LBT inspector certification but it would only be for the GC side of the business but the more research I have done it looks like it would be cheaper for me to simply sub that out as the need arises…which is rare.

hope that helps…