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Just getting started in HI business. What is the best way to do lead testing? I see that there is Pro-Lab in the link section of this website. Any advice would be appreciated.

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When my customer requests a lead check, I perform a simple spot check with special swabs that turn pink when rubbed against a lead surface. If there is lead present in the house, I recommend that a full lead inspection be performed. If they are interested, a licensed lead expert (from my office) will then perform the full lead inspection. He checks every part of the house including closets. Then he sums up his findings with the customer. A detailed report specifying the location and amount of lead contained within (ppm) will be given to the customer for review.

If you are not licensed by your state, you can not perform full lead inspections. Spot checks is the best way to go. Just let them know if lead is noticed within the house and recommend the full lead inspection to a licensed professional.

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