Lead Waiver

Can somebody at NACHI HQ write up a lead waiver similar to the ones we have for mold and radon. I would think it is a good idea, just in case the buyer’s claim we never warned them about the new lead rule.
Thanks ahead of time!


Copy your Girlfriends clause in the Purchase Agreement----:stuck_out_tongue:

Believe it or not it does not cover an inspector.

Yeah I know, but the verbiage is there----:stuck_out_tongue:

Help me.

I am not aware of any duty I have to a client to educate them on EPA requirements for remodeling projects. What is this “waiver” supposed to protect me from?

EPA requires owner certification of all known lead hazards and lead work that has been performed on pre-1978 property prior to renting or selling.
The one attached is for rental.
Our SOP states no lead testing is done, your contract should state the same.
I may start including a statement in the report " This home was built prior to 1978, be sure you receive and read all lead disclosure information which is required by federal law and the seller must provide you."

It does what the NACHI mold and radon waiver do. Even though we are not required, it makes life a lot easier. The mold waiver saves me from a client saying I never warned them of the dangers of mold, and since I am so highly trained in mold and I should have warned them. People lie to put blame on someone else for their stupidity.