LeadNetPro available to InterNACHI members.


AWESOME! I have used LeadNetPro for years - IT RAWKS! (Here is a little info on LNP)

LeadNetPro, since its inception has been the internet’s true leader in lead generation systems online. Marketers utilizing this software were no longer required to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for leads that would not convert into sales.

There are several software products available online that claim to provide leads that will produce sales. The fact remains that many of these products do not provide accurate lead data and the truth is, less than 50% of the data pulled by most lead generating software products is actually accurate.

This can be very costly to your business! This is the reason why LeadNetPro was developed and why many marketers turned to LeadNetPro for their lead generating needs.

Now, LeadNetPro has become even more powerful!

Introducing LeadNetPro 5.0… The Complete Lead Generation System!

In addition to LeadNetPro’s industry leading extractors and solid phone broadcasting platform, LeadNetPro now offers customizable Sales Funnels, On Demand Webinars and to keep your LNP business with you wherever you go, they have developed their first ever Mobile App!

LeadNetPro 5.0 now provides the most complete marketing and lead generation tool kit that any marketer will ever need… including YOU!

Privacy Policy: http://www.leadnetpro.com/cm_priv.php

I wouldn’t use it but why not if those are the type leads you want.

Service Magic without the lead service emptying your credit card every 30 days.

LeadNetPro is a very powerful lead generation system that turns any business owner into his own Advertising, Marketing and Promotion company. For some LNP is a Godsend for others it makes no sense. Its not for everyone but for those who get it - LNP RAWKS!


And your correct Paul, LNP will save you money compared to any other lead generation source. You are in the drivers seat and have full control. The leads from this can become overwhelming, I never have enough time to follow up on all of the leads LNP generates.


Another new gimmick for sale to home inspectors that is better than all previous gimmicks. Go figure. :roll:

No, this is not a gimmick, its the real deal. Watch the video and see for yourself. Get past the learning curve like you have to with any new software. You can cancel anytime so you have nothing to lose. LNP will allow you to stop wasting money on useless advertising and costly lead sources to really let you master your marketing like a pro.

Tell you what, lets say I try it and write an article about it. The pros and cons of an experienced player in the lead gen business trying lead gen software?