Leakeage from whitepipe in washerbox

Gradually increased the flow from dripping in washerbox through white pipe. How to stop this

Need a picture. If it’s white and you can see it dripping through an air gap, there’s a good possibility that it’s an a/c condensate drain, in which case turning off the a/c will make it stop.

Thankyou, for the response …it is an extra white pipe is leaking a flow,which was earlier dripping and the other two pipes are connected washer.

here is the picture

Looks like a pressure relief valve discharging into the washer’s drain.

trap primer…

Thnkyou…and any suggestions on… how to stop the leakage
should we call any services to get it fixed…what would you suggest

Call your building maintenance and ask what it is. If it’s an A/C condensate drain, it’s normal for it to drip when the A/C is running. If it’s the temperature and pressure relief discharge from an in-unit water heater the water heater needs to be repaired.

Looks like a whole house PRV to me.

If anything leaks or drips that previously wasn’t leaking or dripping, call a plumber.

Call a plumber to verify the water pressure, and install a regulator if the pressure is too high.