leaks (posted by brianne)

[ASKNACHI]This question was posted on AskNACHI.org by brianne (from Penticton,bc). [/ASKNACHI]water leaks

[/asknachi]water leaks

NOT IF IT’S FROZEN IT DOESN’T!:twisted: :twisted: :scuba:

NOT IF IT’S FROZEN IT DOESN’T!:twisted: :twisted: :scuba:

Now Kenton…be nice !!! The lady needs our help !!! :cool:

Brianne, we need specifics please !!! :slight_smile:

There was a question? All I saw were two words, “water leaks” and the “ask NACHI” thingie with nothing on it.

I was just kidding, sorry Brianne. What do you need to know? Jeffrey here is from Minnesota and they don’t call it “Land of 1000 Leaks” for nothing. Ask away, we’ll do our best!

Kenton, I believe that’s ***10,000 ***leaks! LOL!

:|.) :|.)


Did you read the rules? :wink:

can’t keep a good ol’ boy down :smiley:

Rules? Rules?
Wendy, a real good 'ol boy makes up his own rules as he travels through this world. And if he’s traveling through Minnesota he’s wearing rubber boots.

…and anyway, where’s Brianne? Jeffrey and Jimmy and I would have her problem solved by now if we only knew what it was.

OK, just read the rules. I hadn’t realized there were any because I somehow got here for the first time via automatic notification. Besides, those remarks weren’t lewd or offensive, Wendy. They were witty or funny.

Sorry Brianne. You have water leaks? Where do these leaks appear?


Does it look like this?