Leaky basement block wall exterior cracks in block wall eh

the usual problem why most people leak, get seepage where the bottom of the block wall meets the basement floor and, the only actual fix is exterior waterproofing as done here if you wanna STOP the water from entering which is lol, basement waterproofing. If you allow the water to continue to come in and install an INT drainage system then THAT, did not stop the water from entering into the cores of the block wall.
Driveway side

and this cost less than the other estimates the homeowner received from several interior system quacks


Keep educating, Mark! :+1:

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Mark, it seems so simple but many do not get it! Good post as always!


exactly Joe, thanks man.

Mark; Have you seen the product called Mel-rol; a self adhering membrane that comes in a roll? A number of foundation contractors use it around here, which is how I became familiar with it.


Michael, how to they “pressure roll the entire surface to assure positive adhesion” when it is applied to a vertical concrete wall?

4:20 into the video…just curious because they don’t show that and if you’ve see it used, you may know.

Mike, seen it, never used… after 40+yrs of doing, using the same products very successfully i’m not about to switch to any others

I’ve never been around when it was applied. I’ve seen it numerous times after application, sometimes prior to backfill, and it seems well secured. Several foundation contractors use it exclusively here, so it’s stock at the contractor yard. My guess is they use a roller of some sort, but I’ve never asked. I recall it’s applied vertically. They always drape it over the footing, so there’s a good drainage plane at the base of the foundation wall. It seems to adhere well at the product seams, making it monolithic. Sure beats mop on foundation waterproofing, which doesn’t provide good protection if cracks form in the wall.

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I have seen it a couple of times. In theory I really like it. The problem I have seen is lack of adhesion along seams and corners. This appears to be due to a surface prep problem. This stuff will not stick to a dirty/sandy wall. I guess it is like most products, it needs to be installed correctly.

Arnold says "PRESSURE is relative…LOL!


1:05 ->> how 'bout this? No fire FER me tyvm

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