Leaky basement,builder put blocks on top of poured walls didn't waterproof anything

Now a wiener basement waterproofing company like those INT drainage system knotheads would lie and tell homeowners like this several bogus claims in hopes they have a dumb homeowner who believes the crap these idiots shuffle around everyday, dig?

Builder screw up, blocks on top of poured walls, water has been getting in OUTSIDE through deteriorating mortar joints etc from the top of the poured wall… UP. Folla? Except a couple of other twink areas, like most they need some exterior waterproofing which will (duh!) STOP the water from getting in.

job $ 2,300 versus, lol installing an interior water-diverting system and sump pump (he already has 2)
and they’d cover the basement walls inside with ‘bright wall paneling’ or some other moronic scamming crap and it would cost MUCH more money and would not ‘stop’ the water and further deterioration of the mortar joints etc

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