leaky basement, buyer was lied to, home inspector missed obvious signs

Grosse Pointe Park, buyer moves in and within 2 days gets water in basement due to a couple different things, a basement back-up and because there were existing exterior openings in the basement wall

Inside the basement https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFbotBkd-HQ

Outside, same area as you just saw inside…

… I say, 'it would be best to REMOVE the block WINDOW WELL… because, the buyer said they only had x-amount of cash and wanted the waterproofing done as cheap as possible (lol understandable but…) so when I originally wrote up the estimate I explained to them it would be best to remove the stupid block window well in order to waterproof the basement wall and under the window ledge but… would cost a little more.

Well once this was dug up I asked them to come outside and showed 'em the block window well was falling apart etc and again said, ‘Folks it would be best for YOU to remove this in order to waterproof the basement wall’… and finally they said go ahead and do it
Here’s ‘some’ of what was OPEN… INSIDE the block window well

Had they NOT changed their minds on removing the well, they would have continued to leak in this area because of what you see open, and there were other holes in the basement wall in this area that I didn’t get on video.