Leaky basement chimney

there is stamped concrete patio all along back

homeowners received other bids lol, one was $21,000… homeowners ONLY leaky in this area baby

Hey lol, someone already cauled all along concrete and chimney perimeter AND the entire back, end to end

2 of the other estimates they got they were told they could epoxy along… perimeter!!! ha!! oh man this business is wayyyy screwed up - the perimeter has already been caulked/sealed, would not matter if some idiot would now use/try epoxy or caulk or tar etc, THAT will not keep all water from getting under the dang PATIO! smbaldyH! Are you stupid or something?

Here were some of their problems BELOW the dang concrete

WHO came up with the moronic idea that somehow, magically one can caulk, tar, epoxy the perimeter of grade/concrete n house and THAT would keep all water/rain from ever getting underneath concrete slabs? Plz find them and then kick em in the az, ty!


Property maintenance code

304.5 Foundations and 304.6 Exterior walls
‘Foundation walls shall be MAINTAINED plumb and free from open cracks and breaks and shall be KEPT in such condition so as to prevent the entry of rodents and other pests’ (duh and water)

Exterior walls shall be free from holes, breaks and loose or rotting materials and maintained weatherproof and properly surface coated where required to prevent deterioration

Interior drainage systems do NOT repair exterior cracks in block and brick basement walls that allow water, mice, insects inside, never have and never will

Hey city building inspectors, why bother having codes if some of you don’t bother to enforce them.
Some of these inspectors show up for their BIG 1 minute inspection on our jobs and yap, ask about the friggin drain tiles!!! lol They don’t ask, wanna know about any of the open cracks, breaks, holes etc in foundation walls!!! smgdh