Leaky basement, installing a closed pressure relief system....

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzqxPXDULW0 ](,)](,)](,)](,)](*,)
ALL these companies either don’t care where/why water is entering your basement or don’t know (duh incompetent). If you don’t stop the water from entering your not going to stop-prevent mold. They’ll often try and tell you all you need is an EZ Breathe system installed with the perimeter basement system and they often will cover the basement wall(s) with a vapor barrier etc and all that does is hide/conceal water that is coming in, mold, efflorescence and the actual CONDITION of the basement wall.

1:50 in video… “a vapor barrier is installed to prevent foundation moisture”

What in gods name are they talking about!!! That junk in NO WAY, stops/prevents water etc from entering through ANY exterior openings/cracks.
That pffftttt ‘vapor barrier’ is only going to HIDE water, mold etc.
It’ll conceal any possible problem with any basement wall, cracks, bowing etc… hello!

This is what most often happens, causes, wet leaky basements…
This is where the water FIRST entered into the block foundation wall

And here…

In part, what CAUSED the exterior cracks in foundation wall

What the foundation wall looked like from INSIDE the basement, same corner

And where the water entered, was seen, in the basement, which most often is along the bottom of the basement wall, floor… wall-floor joint, cover, cold joint, I-joint, whatever
And these misfit, lying interior system companies try and tell you, bs you, that because you see/get water along the floor-wall joint it is supposedly because of that moronic incompetent lie of hydrostatic pressure problem under your floor.

Well, just posted photos of this homeowners house/problem, they would see water along the bottom of wall, floor joint…they almost got scammed by an inside system company. How many other photos do some need to see, duh.

These poor people got scammed by AquaGuard waterproofing…short video

Same homeowner SUED this scammball company…

Different homeowner hired Vulcan basement waterproofing, morons

The pica photos just posted, some really need to eyeball them, understand them, including some home inspectors :mrgreen:

Sht, i’ll post a few again, hate when some TWIST sht around
That same house, looking at the foundation wall from inside the basement, same corner
What do you see?
In part, a STEP CRACK… duh, right?

Now, the same corner on the outside!!! duh.

Outside, around the corner

One important point cheer is, umm, duh, some home inspectors or city inspectors, inside system companies etc say all kinds of BS when they observe the INSIDE of a foundation wall. Some crrrrap they OFTEN say when they see a STEP CRACK is… the house is settling!!!
N O N S E N S E!

And what they also do NOT get, understand is… what REALLY HAPPENED on the outside, sheesh man, look at the photos.

THEN, some don’t GET that those exterior cracks is WHY, where, water is entering the basement!@##@@!@#@

They’ll actually tell/recommend to unknowing homeowners to… raise and slope the stupid grade!!@@!@!!!
UN-----BA----------liebale incompetence.
Better off keeping that pie hole shut, aren’t ya? loool Yeah.

Or, they recommend homeowners call certain inside system companies!!!~!!! Some of TURDS get paid, get $$$ for recommending these dirtball companies to unknowing people!@!@1!!

Another house, leaky basement, cracks etc… not going take the freaking time to post individual photos, here’s the album
The exterior corner crack, that VERTICAL crack is NOT visible on the inside. BUTT, duh, it sure as shtt exists on the outside and it is why-where water is entering!@!@!!!
So, recommending OTHER bs such as mudjacking driveway slabs is more incompetence!!! Or telling homeowners to caulk along the driveway/house, total nonsense!
Fix/waterproof the CRACKS!!!

Homeowner, a seller, was told to pour a new DRIVEWAY… and that by pouring a new driveway and having the slabs pitched away would SOLVE the leaky basement!@!@!##$! MORE incompetent nonsense!!

Few inform homeowners of the OTHER factors/causes of many cracks in basement walls and the subsequent leakage in basements DUE to these cracks, bowed foundation walls etc

Unbiased links, opinions on WHY basement walls bow in, why basement walls crack, why basement leak

'…NOT from hydrostatic pressure…but from the SOIL re-expanding"!!!


One of a few builders who understand what clay, expansive soil can do to basement walls… 6th 6th 6th 6th 6th 6th paragraph!!!
…‘Should be backfilled with gravel, not dirt…horizontal pressure (that’s SOIL pressure, water IN the stupid soil!!! grrrr), can cause WALL cracks, leaks and in a worst case collapse the wall INWARD’


Fairfax county VA… scroll down to Basement Wall DAMAGE
Do they tell you to install an interior basement drainage system and sump pump and some wall anchors or carbon fiber straps and NOT do anything on the outside??? Huh??? C’mon!

U S Arm Corps of Engineers
Four, 1 2 3 4 sources likely contributed to lateral wall pressures in Amherst… and would installing ANY interior basement system reduce, relieve ANY of these??? Huh???
“Cracking can also occur when stresses induced by lateral pressure EXCEED the strength of the wall” (concrete or block!!!),
STEP cracks, horizontal cracks or VERTICAL cracks!!


They installed an interior basement system here, 3 sumps pumps… BIG mistake!
They should have hand dug the outside, waterproofed and backfilled w/all gravel, it would have been the only thing that would have lessened, recuced lateral-horizontal pressure against the wall AND…duh, would have actually STOPPED water from entering the EXISTING exterior cracks
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLjltBxHKfU its a short video, watch it or keep yer lil incompetent pie holes shut, got that… got milk?

Hey umm, how many thousands did this inside system junk cost, huh?

Look at parts of the block wall on the inside, sheesh lool, stains, mold,effloresnece all because these inside system companies don’t give a flying f__!!!

See WHY many inside system companies will install a vapor barrier or ‘bright wall’ on-against the inside basement wall??? Huh???

Same house, another short video, same inside system guy too, loooll

There was room, looks like around 2’ to hand dig BUTT, they don’t hand dig looooool
A few might do ‘some’ exterior waterproofing BUTTTT, they have to use a machine, too weak upstairs in the brain to want to hand dig.

Pool outside, steps etc, sure, this added to the weight/pressure against the stupid wall but an HONEST expert would have explained that exterior waterproofing would be the only thing that would help reduce pressure against the wall and the only thing that would have STOPPED water from entering hence, stop that staining etc on inside wall

We still have quite a few in the MEDIA who only and always recommend 1 or a few certain inside system companies to unknowing homeowners… like Sullivan in Ohio, like Haege’s azz in Michigan and elsewhere, frigging scamming, incompetent sobs of this subject, yep!

Ritchie Blackmore/Rainbow… The Gates of Babylon … “sleep with the DEVIL and then you must pay!!!” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qu8HiZepRWo … you can see BUTT your blind, someone turned the sun around!