Leaky basement, no visible cracks in foundation wall on the inside of basement, got dat?

Grosse Pointe Mich, they recently bought this house, Home Spec INT water-diverting already bullshtted previous homeowner into an interior drainage system, still leaks. See where the water is FIRST----------------- entering, and is then seen inside basement where the bottom of the foundation walls meets the floor, has NUTTIN’ to do with drain tiles, nuttin to do with a supposed moron need for better drainage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bm7248tzqJQ

Clawson Mich, apartment building, has asphalt driveway… asphalt had been added, aka built up, time and again… they kept leaking, lolol, see why in video. Had nothing to do with a supposed need for better drainage or an incompetent fraudulent moronic interior drainage system, sheesh the knotheads run amok