Leaky basement, no visible cracks in foundation wall on the inside of basement, got dat?

(Mark Anderson) #1

Grosse Pointe Mich, they recently bought this house, Home Spec INT water-diverting already bullshtted previous homeowner into an interior drainage system, still leaks. See where the water is FIRST----------------- entering, and is then seen inside basement where the bottom of the foundation walls meets the floor, has NUTTIN’ to do with drain tiles, nuttin to do with a supposed moron need for better drainage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bm7248tzqJQ

(Mark Anderson) #2

Clawson Mich, apartment building, has asphalt driveway… asphalt had been added, aka built up, time and again… they kept leaking, lolol, see why in video. Had nothing to do with a supposed need for better drainage or an incompetent fraudulent moronic interior drainage system, sheesh the knotheads run amok