Leaky basement or crawlspace, what DRAINAGE SYSTEM is right for you

hahaaaaaa! SCAM.

How about, let’s FIRST identify-determine where/how the water is actually getting in and then fixing that!

:05 you see 3-4 water marks ON WALL… but they are installing an INT drainage system instead of, fixing-repairing-waterproofing those 3-4 problems… rod holes and-or a crack or some exterior opening ABOVE the wall, THAT is what needs to be found and then fixed to STOP the water from entering and the cost would be LESS!!! smh

you are getting scammed people!

People don’t mind.

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hahaha well then they are idiots, pretty simple, doesn’t make me happy 2 say that but the truth is just that

by the way, the best drainage system for me is my toilet

People don’t have the time or desire to learn. Only after they get screwed for $$$ they awaken up briefly.

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