Leaky basement, the estimate and the job, got milk?

Macomb MI, poured wall, homeowner was getting water on floor in/from one area, direction, finished bathroom, got that?

Estimate video #1, inside basement, ya see? lol

Est 2, go outside to take a look eh

The job part 1

Job 2

so what do some think balding Bubba-milk SHOULD have recommended… raising and sloping the GRADE? an exterior sump pump? lolol

or recommend installing an interior basement drainage system and sump? Really? That would have cost MUCH Much more $$$ and would NOT have stopped the water from getting in, can you say mold? helllllllo

i got a little black book with my poems in
got a bag with a toothbrush and a comb
when Bubba’s a good dog, they sometimes throw me a bone

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BUBBA! Everything reminds me of a song :cowboy_hat_face:

I like the huggin’ and the squeezin’ and the kissin’ and the teasin’
But don’t you let 'em push me around
'Cause with a little bit of luck, and my little black book
I’ll have another’n before the sun goes down

Keep up the good work, Mark!

I hope you and yours are well downstate south, there! :smiley:

They are fortunate they found You Sir…

that sure is a snappy lil tune Goldie

Larry, you guys have ice coming your way eh

Doctor Jimmy and Mr Jim, nah… quite a few peeps think nothing of throwing $15,000 or more at the INT system idiots here, just like O HI O, dig? lol

It has been here lately…under the snow. We’re supposed to get rain on Tues/Wed next week and then snow. So, more slick roads with many driving with no snow/ice tires…OH, MAN! :roll_eyes:

60 degrees on the north coast of ohio today …

I’m afraid yours is coming, Jim. :cowboy_hat_face:

We’re getting it tomorrow. Warnings of loss of power.

Yep, A lot of rain here also. I’m am stocking up on the “Flex Seal” for any basement leaks! Better than the Interior basement systems!

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Please feel free to keep it up there Larry…

I wish that I was that powerful, Jim… LOL! :joy:

Better go outside and extend those downspouts also. LOL

don’t forget to raise the grade…

Yep, that goes along with the gutter drainage. LOL

don’t forget those handy azz SPLASHBLOCKS, boy oh boy they keep many basements dry

Fllllllllexiiiiiii seal, yeeehaw!

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You would be surprised by the amount of people that solve all those moisture problems by selling those wet, moldy problem homes and …moving out here to the Desert.

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