Leaky basements, foundation cracks, what some home inspectors do NOT understand....

Thanks Roy! I have 49 eBooks to date. Many are based on Engineering Physics, about 20 are Land Navigation texts. Many find these very informative. Some on using college mathematics, and construction estimating.

Also see the eBook on Deck Ledgers.

It would be nice if you where honest and posted that your are selling things and stop playing games with those who make there living at this industry.

Roy, I do not understand this post???
What does my selling eBooks have to do with my posts?
Are you saying that I cannot comment in this forum? Please let me know Roy!

There’s NO ‘assumption’ on my part. Rather, its your incompetent assumptions on this subject sir that are incorrect.

The Ames video is misleading, yeah to me, and to anyone else who understands this subject. All due respect sir but you may be better off posting about things your good at, know about, and can help people, got milk?



What is the deal with a few in Canada-land, eh?
Another who is now crying calling Bubba a BULLY, loolol and that we can’t have a valid debate and, lolol, that I’m simply selling my services as an exterior waterproofing contractor with no regard for any other method!!


Hmm, duuh umm i seem to remember ANOTHER Nachi member in Canada singing the tune, crying etc… yes indeed.

I would have, could have been installed interior systems and interior products ALL throughout the last 36 years Ron, if they systems/products really did STOP those homeowners leaks!!! KNOCK KNOCK!

I don’t cheat people, don’t lie to any of them. Have told any of them who asked about applying any product to interior wall leak to… go right ahead if that’s what THEY want to do.

Ron, have taken ALOT of fkkkg time and spoke with many homeowners who did NOT have the MONEY to fix their problem correctly and painfully explained to them how to go about trying to slow down their leak, water entering, on their own, spending little if anything!@!@!!!
So please don’t fckkkkkg tell my azz that I am on here simply trying to sell my FC ME services, sir!!!

That’s a ton more than I can say about YOU or any other MFR on here, on this subject… in trying to sincerely help some people who don’t have the money to fix their leaky basement.

You can TRY and spin this subject however theh HLL you like, but you sir are NOT an expert on this subject and neither is your other little buddy in Canada Land so, you are, have been PROVING my case, blindly believing what these inside system knotheads claim (and now posting interior system videos) lololol

If anything, YOU are the g DAMMMMM bully, your the sob who keeps posting STUPID INCOMPETENT sht that’s been answered many times but some of YOU nachi members are too fcg LAZY to have taken the time, to read, understand this shtt, that’s YOUR problem, not mine.

CRY baby azz mfrs on here, tirrrrrred of you ckksukers man, seriously.
One lame incompetent Q after another

To have a VALID debate, there needs to be someone on the other side who isn’t clueless on this subject and is willing to take the TIME and read the articles posted, view the g dman photos posted, watch the videos posted.

Can you HEAR me, the bully, now??? lololllllll

Now you, others go right ahead and CRY like a baby to others about language etc.

Don’t tell my az my comments about Blue Max are invalid, who the fk are you on this subject to tell my dumb az I am wrong, huh? wtffffff

Blue Max, the video posted, in my honest experienced fkg opinion, are mis----fk-me-leading, period. Don’t like that, too freakin bad!!!

Whats your phone number Ron, so I can call you like I did the other in Canada land so, like him, you can come back here after I call you and post all kinds of LIES about me, about why I called, I ask again, w tf is wrong with a few of you Nachi people from Canada…HUH?

Ron erroneously claims, I don’t use any type of building science argument. ](,)](,)](,)](,)](,)](,)](*,)

If and when water is entering through/around exterior openings in a door or window or bricks and mortar joints above grade, would you RON, NOT have those problems repaired on the outside and instead, apply Blue Max on the inside of the house, on the inside of the door, on the inside of the window, on the inside of the living room drywall (opposite the open, cracked mortar joints outside)…huh? Applying Blue Max or anything else on the inside would be ok, would be a fix eh Ron?

Ron would apparently tell homeowners to NOT worry about water entering block walls… and would tell them its fine and dandy to apply Blue Max on the inside… like here Ron
Ron , that is a bowed wall, has many exterior openings that YOU would leave OPEN, tell people NOT to worry about and tell them its ok to apply Blue Max instead…right?

And here, deteriorated blocks… don’t worry about this huh and just apply Blue Max on the inside wall?

Building science argument? w t f are you, have you been talking about!!

You would, you HAVE been saying, claiming Ron, that you think its fine to apply Blue Max on the inside and you obviously don’t think about, don’t know, whats going on, on the outside and apparently could care less!!!

You’d allow the wall to get worse, the blocks to deteriorate more because you believe the dumb az Blue max video’s claims. You would allow water etc to enter the blocks and through the mortar joints, accumulate in the blocks? Not worried about deterioration, crumbling of the blocks and-or weakening of mortar joints between the blocks???

Ron and Ames apparently do not understand, haven’t seen enough walls on the outside. They ‘inspect’ a wall on the inside and INCOMPETENTLY think, and tell homeowners, they’ve inspected the wall, there are no cracks or, there’s just this little crack and all homeowners need is to apply Blue Max or Drylok etc etc… they do NOT understand what is going on the OUTSIDE such as, what has CAUSED many of these cracks and leaks, they are incompetent, oblivious to this and think they can thoroughly inspect basement walls just by looking at them on the inside.

Here, photos, of what one would see on the inside basement wall, much like in Blue Max video, you see a hairline crack in wall… right?
And apparently Ron and Blue Max people would tell homeowners they can fix the leak by applying Blue Max on the inside… right? lololll

What do you see Ron? Answer this question from duh BULLY man please

Ron, there are more photos of the inside, go ahead and click them if you wish.

Again, what do you see on the inside basement wall Ron?

Yes, small hairline crack just like small crack in Blue Max video, right Ron?

So Ron, you and Blue Max would tell homeowners all they need to do, whether they have the money or not, is to apply Blue Max on the inside blocks and that will ‘fix’ the problem, the leak, right?

Here are a couple photos of the SAME house/corner, on the outside
Underground ROOT Ron.
It CAUSED the cracks and the leaky basement, Ron.
So you and Blue Max think its fine and dandy to apply stuff on the inside, that’s all anyone needs, right? And not to worry about whats going on, what caused the cracks on the outside…right?

Here, the root has been removed…

Another POINT Ron is, just because YOU sir, and Blue Maxiiie, look at, inspect, a basement wall on the inside, does NOT at all, ever mean, you know the full, true condition of that wall. The friggin photos are proof, have many more, wanna see?

Failing to understand ALL of this subject may get ya in a lil trouble, EH.

Say again to you Ron sir, and anyone else…
when you, Ames, etc look at block, brick foundation walls, cracks on the INSIDE of the basement, and see a little crack, or NO crack, that does NOT mean you have inspected the condition of the foundation wall correctly and THOROUGHLY.

When Ron or anyone else, looks at, INSPECTS a ROOF… from inside the attic, do they automatically know the full condition of the roof or, should they go outside and walk, inspect the roof on the outside in order to get a THOROUGH, full, view of that roof???

Has any HI or Ron ever told a homeowner that they fully inspected their roof just by looking at it from inside the attic??? Huh?

Does a good, experienced roofer or sometimes others like my azz, try and help homeowners who have a leaky roof, and sometimes are not exactly sure where the water is getting in, and will use a HOSE, do a water test on the roof in order to FIND, correctly identify, where the water is getting in???

You should NOT be telling homeowners you have inspected the wall, should not be telling homeowners there is nothing to worry about, should not be telling homeowners (in videos etc, like Blue Max), all they need is to apply Blue Max etc etc on the inside and that by applying it, is all they need/will ‘fix’ their leak.

Not worrying about, not thinking about, not caring about, not discussing in a video what is going on, on the outside of a basement wall is a bit incompetent, don’t CHA think Mr Ron?

That’s some building science for ya Ron, understanding, seeing the full, true condition of a crack, of a basement wall, and causes of those cracks, leaks, bowed walls, mold, efflorescence…but you and Ames just want to SKIP all that, doesn’t matter right? lolol

Some homeowners only get water in their basements DUE to, because of, openings ABOVE ground level/grade. Or, some have a 2 part problem, they have a crack in the basement wall AND some openings above grade, need 2 different things done to stop the water from where its first entering.
Homeowner here had a 2 part problem…
Ron, should the homeowner have applied Blue Max or something else on the inside of the chimney wall, chute door? (actually he already did!! lolol)

Finding, identifying WHERE the water is first–entering peoples homes/basements is what ALL should be doing!@!@!@!@@!!!
But they do not. No they do not Ron.
Your inside system company friends do NOT, your Ames friends did NOT in the video, nope. ALL Ames said was homeowners can apply Blue Max on the inside of wall.
M I S L E A D I N G!!

If you were at this house Ron, in the basement, you would have seen some water, dampness up high on chimney wall and, water also coming out the chimney chute door so, would you have told the homeowner one FIX would be, applying Blue Max or something else on the inside? Huh?

What OFTEN happens with these interior system companies Ron is… just like in ALL of the pica photo albums posted, an inside system company owner/salesperson whoever, does NOT identify, find… where the water is actually entering. They tell the homeowners that they can install an interior system, most will try and talk homeowners into much more than needed, often try and talk them into a full perimeter system even though the homeowner only gets water in, in one area… ya folla???

Ok so they get the job, the homeowner bites… and they install the system, all the while, NOBODY ever bothered to find where the water is actually coming in!@!@!!! And, only needed one small area done, sometimes only needing minor tuckpointing or some caulking done!@!@!!! Does even this matter to you, bother you Ron?

Ok so in goes the system and more often than not, IF their problem was ONLY a crack in the basement wall, the homeowner will NOT see water on the FLOOR, that’s right, they will NOT. And some even erroneously think, the interior system fixed their leak!@!@!!

What really happened was, the inside system company blshhtd the homeowner and again, did NOT identify the actual leak, nor fix it correctly/STOP the water, and since many of these companies put plastic or some kind of wall COVERING on the basement wall, they won’t/can’t see any further water, mold etc.

So they managed to DIVERT the incoming water behind the wall covering or along the cold joint, under the floor or along perimeter, usually to a sump pump.
You and some others incompetently call this… waterproofing, successful waterproofing!@!!@! lololololllllllllllloooooooooool

Some of us call that, incompetent bllllshttt. And we certainly don’t call it WATERPROOFING.

Quite a few of these companies salespeople on estimates, use a hammer and tap on the basement floor and actually tell homeowners “You have a hydrostatic pressure problem under the floor, it sounds hollow when we hit the floor”…lolollllllllllool

Ron, for God sake, one of the videos you posted was the Basement Doc in Ohio, looooooooooooooooooooooooooooool oh my. So you think they are honest, one homeowners can trust???

Back to, allowing water inside with an interior basement system… again sheesh loolol VIEW photos 3 and 4!!! What do YOU see please?
You think interior system are SUCCESSFUL if they keep water off the floor, I say that incompetent blshtt because you/others are NOT thinking about, care about, the ENTIRE scenario!!!
B Dry bid this higher than what we did it for… HAD B Dry installed their inside system, sure. it likely would have kept water OFF the floor but RON, loooll, NOT from coming in!!!

And do you see what happens if you don’t STOP the water from where its actually entering??? Huh???

Ron, you call this (photos below) SUCCESSFUL waterproofing???
So keeping water off the FLOOR, along the perimeter, is successful waterproofing huh, really? LOOOOOOOOOllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllll

Truly incompetent, NEGLIGENT bllllcrap at a cost of $15,000+

Photos of another interior system installed here, a SUPPOSED pressure relief system…!!! lololllllllllllllllllollll
Click each photo to ENLARGE, sheesh k man

Ron, duh pressure relief system for awhile… kept most of the water off the floor, and all throughout/ BEFORE the dumb az incompetent system was installed, water has always, STILL is, entering the basement wall through exterior cracks.

Do you see, understand what happens when homeowners are talked into GARBAGE system? (you tell me to have an open mind on them, looolll)

Don’t even try to SPIN sht Ron, the lady homeowner has had the exterior cracks etc before and ever since the stupid system was installed.

The moron, scamming company did not explain that lateral soil pressure against the basement wall and some underground tree roots CAUSED the cracks, CAUSED the basement to leak.

Hence, as has been the case for YEARS, the wall needs to be hand dug, waterproofed and backfilled w/all gravel!!!

WHY??? loooooooooooooooool
For the nth time, because lateral soil pressure and roots caused cracks in the g dang basement wall, caused efflorescence etc… what does this UNBIASED source say???
scroll down to… BASEMENT WALL DAMAGE
…'the clay soil MUST be removed and replaced with sandy/gravelly soil… and waterproofed"

Did Fairfax say one can apply Blue Max or Drylok or to install an interior system Ron? huh? lololllll come on, wake up man.

Sometimes managing to keep water off a basement floor, isn’t as successful as some incompetent people try and make it appear!!!

BUTTTT, and a mean a BIG fat azz butt overlapping duh toilet bowl ( ewwwwwwwwwww!!!) some here, at least 2 people here from Canada (ehhh), make it appear as if I, BubbaMILK, is close minded, is a BULLY etc etc etc… when really, its their own incompetence on this subject that STINKS.

Mark this is exactly what he did with me a few years ago .
He is not much help to the home Inspection industry .
I feel his main purpose of his posts is too get his name out there to sell his books
I will not help him do this all the best Roy



Wowie zowwwwwwwwwwwie, the author of 49 books does NOT, not KNOT, knot… get this!@!@!!! lololololllllllllllll

TOOOOOOooooooooo many examples of knothead----ism!
Here’s one more and I am done WASTING time on this, yes ill say it again, incompetent nachi member, yes incompetent on this subject.

Ron is much like the other Canadian member who called me names, lolol, sht on me etc… yep, fc him too.

Code of ethics at Nachi MY stinking azz!!! Total blshtt from some.
I am on here just selling my services, total shtt mfr.

Have helped many, including people who only had water entering through ABOVE grade openings, for FREE, you sob :mrgreen:

Post all you like, I’m done with your ignorant games.


				 					**Ron Cherchuk**](http://www.nachi.org/forum/users/rcherchuk/)

InterNACHI Vendor

WE have lots of vendors at NACHI .
None have ever used me like this one has
.I have not seen where he has helped any NACHI member .
I have not seen any NACHI member say any thing good about him .
Thanks Larry . All the best … Roy