Leaky basements gimmick aka lie

one of the waterproofing scammers overhyped gimmicks is homeowners supposedly have drain tile problems, clogged drain tiles or some scamming moronic idea that homeowners with leaky basements need better drainage, that somehow magically a low spot in their backyard or more drain tiles under their basement floors or outside around their house is most peoples solution to their leaky basement = nonsense!

Short video, so to follow their incompetent scamming reasons, THIS leaky basement needed interior drain tiles installed around the perimeter and a sump pump because water aka seepage, was only seep where the bottom of the basement walls meet the floor = nonsense! Sellers HAD drywall up…

1:15 mark to 1:55 Bloomfield Hills poured walls

The rod holes were correctly filled with hydraulic cement and a couple other problems were repaired for less than $1,500 in Oct last yr, not a drop since verus, how many thousands $$ for an interior system

Drain tiles? A supposed need for better drainage? Nonsense. FIND aka identify the actual problems, the ways water gets in and fix/repair those problems correctly, NEW drain inside and outside would not have fixed what needed to be fixed smgdh

Block walls, leaky basement, why, where was the water allowed to get IN basement?
Was it because of the overhyped BS aka GIMMICK, a trick that many use to steer homeowners to what these morons sell, sheesh k no baby.

Video, IF there were no exterior cracks in block basement walls and the other ext-openings then this basement would not have leaked, would not have had some mold and efflrescence on inside block wall - had nothing to do the the gimmick nonsense about drain tiles, get your head on right would ya please.

Same here, block basement walls leaky basement, it leaked because there were exterior cracks in block walls, had nothing to do with drain tile bs or some supposed need for better drainage = nonsense

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Thanks for sharing, Mark. You are getting the word out on gimmicks being sold for basement leaks. :+1:

thank you Larry, hope all is well with you sir.

just a little more per drainage, improper drainage… supposedly, pffffft

This guy may be a great guy, dunno, i do know he’s fulll O crap on this subject… is he an expert on leaky basements? Is he state licensed and insured? Does he give his customers a REAL guarantee after he gives them the BS as in video.

4:15 mark lol, he says, 'I would say that most of the customers i see that have water in basement is due to… improper drainage", = imo opinion bullsht. I’ve come across many of these types who claim same,similar garbage and they here for a bit and then, POOF, gone. Sometimes i fart when i hear this trash, think about that! Ask again does he/others like him guarantee in writing that after playing water diverting games, when basements still leak, he’ll fix or cough the money back.

his video versus this, homeowners have leaky basement, they were talked into exterior drain tile plus cute lil sock and around 1’ of peastone n so, WHY did they continue to leak? And where was the guarantee from moron who sold them this drain tile bs that cost as much as the waterproofing?

crack in poured wall plus deteriorated rod holes and so on… installing drain tile doesn’t seal-repair-waterproof any of the exterior openings where the damn water gets in!!

Lemme see, many roofs leak because of… improper drainage, a need for drain tiles? doh

Some get water in their house around their doors or windows because… Improper drainage? lol
Yeah sht sure

Mark, in your last video of the brick foundation and the rod holes, what did you do to stop the water intrusion?

Lon, we hand dig it down to footing, had the clay soil n roots etc hauled away (prior backfill), we use hydraulic cement in/over rod holes, cracks etc and then we apply a thick mastic-roofing cement over all of the wall we unearth, over that visqueen and then we backfill with just about all gravel.

hydraulic cement first

then apply mastic-roofing cement and visqueen, then backfill most gravel

all the clay soil, roots etc gets hauled away

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Thanks for the explanation. Looks like a big job.