Leaky basements, little if any common sense, the bye bye of the American brain pool

once Bubba was climbing the garden wall,
he slipped and had a TUR-able fall
he fell so hard he heard bells ring
but held onto his ding-a-ling-a-ling
C. Berry

let’s see here, one idiot plus another idiots equals… loolololllllllll

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Good article, Mark.

And good to see you on the new forum again/more.

I hop you and yours are well and enjoying life. :smile:

hope you are a-okay too Larry.

the woman homeowner in video, sorry, how could anyone believe new gutters will keep basements dry?

Now, did the reporter not mention 1+ things in article, such as, maybe LeafffffyGuard told her or led her on to believe new gutters work magic, no idea.

but for anyone to supposedly spend $10,000 on new gutters, there is something wrong with you, ya dig?

You have got to be kidding me…$10,000 for the gutters?

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I paid $1200 Mark for 80’ of gutter and 50’ of downspout.
I think someone got scammed.
Hope you been well Bubba. Still got milk.? LOL


Leaf Guard sales guys are high pressure. They are only looking for the sale as I believe they are strictly commission. They advertise $8.00 to $10.00 per lineal foot but from homes I have inspected that have the system, I’m told between $5000.00 and $10,000 was the actual cost. I am sure they tell the client anything to make the sale.
Scammers for sure.


that’s more sad ass shit there, same crap the interior basement system butt wipes do, yep

What say You about these guys :cowboy_hat_face:

# How Gutter Guards Can Cause Water in the Basement

# Wet Basement Solutions & Foundation Waterproofing

You will make his BP go up above 180



:grinning::smile: Not too many of those gutter guards are a 100% safeguards and understand why so many don’t work at all.
I haven’t installed any yet and next year I’m going to purchase thin wall PVC to fit my vacumm cleaner hose, for an extension, put a 90 on it and plug it in the exhaust of the vacuum and just blow everything out from the ground. :smirk:

you know bro, they suck horse helmet of course, liars, cheats yeppers lol

how ya doin’ Mr G ?

got milk down there?

I think that works the best Marcel. I have a similar set up for my small leaf blower. It beats dragging the ladder around!

Yeah that’s all well and good till You get to a section of gutter with water in it…I never did that again…

:rofl: Did you get wet? Can’t wait when it is clogged up you know. LOL

well lets just say I looked and smelled like something that crawled out of a swamp…

Yep, that must have been a sight to see. LOL


I didn’t say cleaning them out like this was without perils!

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A video of Jim doing that would be priceless in my book. LOL