Leaky chimney water test, determining if water is entering through exterior crack


same house 5 minutes later, yep
exterior waterproofing was needed and done, several cracks in chimney walls and she needed minor tuckpointing etc above grade eh

Couldn’t tell from your video, but did it have a rain cap on top?

Didn’t look like it had one Randy from what I could see in the video.
It is common to see some pooling of water in the cleanout sump of the chimney from rain water, but the amount of water coming in from the hose water that Mark induced, just shows that water is coming from undergound somewhere.
Just wondering how much of the chimney base foundation is brick and buried.

I seem to have misplaced the video of waterproofing the exterior chimney walls but her problems, cracks in chimney walls were similar to this…

And yes sir, as I explained to her she had several openings ABOVE grade in her chimney, this is that video… TWO part problem as to how-where the water was getting in, 1) below grade through exterior cracks in chimney walls and 2) through the openings above grade you see in video

You got it Marcel… she had a two-part problem, two areas where water entered, one was through exterior cracks in chimney walls (below grade = needs to be waterproofed & backfilled with all gravel, we did) …
and two, through these openings above grade in chimney
Basement waterproofing - YouTube
since she didn’t have $$$ I went ahead and loll just caulked the openings above grade for free, I don’t ‘do’ tuckpointing… and… I WARNED her she may need to get a good, honest mason, brick guy to tuckpoint the problems if she begins to leak again, she has not leaked since we were there so the crap caulk has held lol…so far and as I said, it was free and I thoroughly explained it to her and warned her she may need minor tuckpointing in future, yes sir.

The water test, PROVES there is (was) 1++ cracks or other openings(rod holes etc etc) in/on the exterior of chimney walls and that exterior waterproofing is (was) needed.

----->> ONE course of bricks were right at, barely below grade level, where the concrete was against chimney walls, yes sir and yes, some openings in mortar joints between some of those bricks, plus the cracks, there were 3 on exterior walls

one more chimney leak goodie, lol water was coming out chimney chute clean out door… it was entering through TWO different areas, one BELOW grade through the openings etc you see and through openings in chimney ABOVE grade… both need to be fixed/repaired/waterproofed correctly
there WAS concrete (drive slab) against chimney wall where we dug, some people get talked into spending $$$ to mudjack the slabs, not a good move because a) you didn’t identify the actual problems—where–how water was allowed to get in, b) mudjacking doesn’t waterproof or tuckpoint the actual problems, water will still get under mudjacked slabs, got it? And rain will still soak the open, deteriorated mortar joints, flashing problem etc etc above grade

That was one hot azz 90+ degree day, see how old n sorry I look getting outta duh hole looloolll

Doing these water tests… think I wanna do them… spend time running water n picking my nostrils? Hardly.
But there are times when either, I myself want to make SURE part or all of the homeowners problem are exterior cracks etc on the outside of the F-walls (and not just openings above grade), and sometimes its to show the homeowner, to prove to them what is really going on aka how-where the water is getting in and what truly is needed. Part of that is because of ALLLLLLLLL the many interior system liars, cheats, frauds who tell homeowners all kinds of nonsense, bs, yep.