leaky converted bedroom/garage

WATER TEST with a hose to correctly 'n honestly determine how-where-why the water is FIRST entering

Same house, 2-3 minutes later…
Just a guess it was a garage, okay lol i don’t much care what it was

Hydrostatic pressure? hahahhahaaaa, nonsense! Water test was PROOF that water entered because there are exterior openings BELOW ground level, sheesh the incompetence.

IF there were NOT any openings below grade… NO water would have entered, got that?

There ARE several direct openings into this room, this corner above grade and so they too will need to be properly sealed, yes indeedy!

Nobody said anything about this leaky area, seller said all was A-Okay, the usual crap.

Different house, this basement is NOT being ‘waterproofed’, no it’s not lol
Do not be telling potential buyers the basement was waterproofed Mr n Mrs realtor because it isn’t, BET!