Leaky fireplace in basement

how n what an honest contractor would recommend, poured foundation walls, homeowner been in this house 20 years, before the fireplace he had a concrete contractor slap some mortar on a crack in poured wall and applied Drylok paint… he says this area has never been dry since, it doesn’t leak all the time but is tired of it and wants it fixed correctly.

outside… he added soil AND placed tarp over raised grade lol, what did that do? Did it stop the water from entering? No. Did it repair/waterproof THE existing problem (s) ? No chump brains.

He has never leaked anywhere to the left or right of this area where he knows there is a crack in wall so NO reason at all to do any more footage which would raise the cost of the job!!!

Now, could it leak to the left or right of FP in the future? Sure. He has drywall up both ways so cannot SEE if he has another crack or deteriorating rod holes, if a crack occurs in wall in future he can leak or if any rod holes deteriorate in future he can leak, as usual i fully explained this to homeowner. If rod hole (s) to left or right leak in future he can remove some drywall n repair them from inside, no biggie. If crack occurs or if there is a crack behind drywall to left or right and it widens a tad n then he leaks he’ll need to do a lil more waterproofing, folla?

some may be thinking, why not do the entire wall or all the way around lolollll
C’mon people, doing the whole wall would cost more $ and so far for 20 years, it doesn’t leak, hasn’t leaked to left or right of FP, same with the rest of the basement, NO other leaky areas all the way around shttt doing that, all the way around would cost much more, all UNNECESSARY at this point in time. But that IS what the INT system CON artists do, yep, they will talk you into doing more work/footage than necessary because they want, need more MONEY!!! They need more money to continue their advertising BS on Tv, radio etc, they gotta pay their lawyers lolooolll and so on