Leaky slab, they get along front perimeter, a lil root action for ya

so don’t remove roots and allow the exterior openings to get bigger, widen, deteriorate further?

allow the water to continue to come in and instead of sealing sht up on the outside just install an interior drainage system and sump pump huh :rofl:

ya don’t think mice or termites and so on can enter eh

sure WATER helped cause problems but quite a few allow it to continue to enter, remember? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

and what about recommending to RAISE and slope the grade aka better drainage, some think THAT is all that is needed, :rofl::rofl:

some openings above grade

Building code says what…? In-part says, ‘ALL foundation and exterior walls shall be kept FREE of OPEN cracks, breaks, holes and maintained in such condition to prevent rodents, pests, water, deterioration…’… so installing an INT drainage system doesn’t abide by your building code now does it