leaning precast foundation walls

I have 10 foot precast foundation walls on my log home. I started the finishing process in the basement and noticed my walls are leaning about two inches in 10 feet. One wall is out and the adjacent wall is in. I backfilled per specs with gravel and half the foundation is exposed. There is no evidence of moving in the hardwood floors above and no cracks in drywall. I am concerned ragarding the structural integrity of my home. I have precast company coming for a meeting, any advice.

Was the Foundation leaning before the backfill process?

Or after you began the backfilling?

Regardless, have them make it right, unless you made the Foundation out of plumb backfilling it which is a possibility.

Were braces attached to the foundation to floor before the backfilling began?..steel or wood bracing?

Or did you have a completely built house with a completely exposed Foundation, which does not make sense …regarding your comment about the floor and drywall…or was it a Modular Home?

Was the first floor framing/subfloor in place at the time of the backfill and was the framing (sill plate/sill) properly attached to the foundation (adequate anchor bolts with washers/nuts installed)?

Please reply after the contractor that did foundation replys to his or her investigation.
It is not good to have that amount of slope and for sure some thing was out of plumb at the start or during backfill.
If it happened after backfill there will be evidence showing stress marks on wall that intersect with corners and you should examine carefully.Look at 90 dagree for stress re-bar showing there will be evidence showing you what happened and maybe even during the pour ,if it was done to fast and cement did not have time to harden to allow the pour to move up slowly.There is a time rate at witch you advance your pour for pre-cast ,insulated cells.
Please do not take this lightly for it is your FOUNDATION of the home.