leaning sill

Inspected a 1969 built home. The sill plate along two sides are lifting and leaning towards the exterior. Sometime some one has installed various sized shims under the sill. No foundation problems noted (walk in crawl space) no foundation bolts installed due to age of home. No cracks in sheetrock wall or ceilings and all windows and doors open and close properly…Any ideas of cause and remedy


Is the whole bottom of the wall sliding over?

No the wall doesn’t appear to have moved…I’m stumped…I just wrote up the finding and recommended it to be further evaluated by a qualified contractor…was hoping someone else had seen it before and could give me some insite

Did you get a chance to put a level to any walls or floors? Sounds like a job for a 6’ level. Something has moved somewhere!

So, you are saying you could not actually see the foundation walls? The sheetrock was not cracked, but the foundation wall itself is unknown if cracked?

Also, please post a few pics, as I have never seen a “walk-in, sheet rocked, with windows” crawl space before.