Leaning wall on Property line Advise needed

In an inspection I did, there was a Masonry Brick wall at the property line that was leaning to the property next door. The wall was free standing and only served a purpose of dividing 40 ft of the property.The property had a unique angle to it,and the distance of the wall from the house caused me to over look the wall. The Neighbor next door stop me to talk and mentioned the leaning wall was not hers. I then added it to the report finding out later the wall repair or removal price put the repairs to the house to high and the Sale fell through. Would I be liable for that wall if it was not reported? Or should I have approached this another way? All Comments and advise appreciated! George

How bad was the wall leaning?
Was the wall to the point of being structurally unstable?

It sounds like the wall is not physically attached to any structure.
would it adversely affect the house?

If the wall is in a position to directly affect the house then there is no question that it needs to be in the report.
If the wall would not directly affect the house then it may be a judgement call as to if you add it to the report or not.

As far as liability:
You added the wall to the report and made sure that your side was covered by letting the potential buyer know about the issue.

You are not responsible for the sale falling through so do not feel guilty about the buyer seller negotiation on the condition of the wall.

Had you not placed the wall in the report you may still be ok in not reporting if:
The wall does not affect the inspected structure in any way.

Deal Killer !! Ok, now that you are over that, move on and dint second guess yourself or worry if REA will ever use you again. We all think about it but remember, You are a professional giving your professional opinion. What and how they use that info, and the associated outcome, falls on to them. Worry when you didnt do your job and they come after you.
The wall is definitely something you should inspect. We are note ‘home’ inspectors , we are ‘property’ inspectors in actuality. We comment on grade and trees and bushes etc because they have a direct impact on the house and safety if occupants. So does this wall. You did good, dont second guess yourself. Plus im sure your client will use you again at the next house because you did a goid thorough job

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