Learn and pass on lesson.

I was just checking out the web site of a fairly new inspector (about 1 1/2 year licensed) looking for ways to increase my own web site presence (Don’t hate me, we all do it!).

I fell upon this web site that sa just FULL of really goor articles. Written professionally, well documented, well illustrated and easy to understand.

Check out this one. Every try to explain the need for “kick out” flashing to a client? Just print and hand out this article.


Turned out that I took this guy on his first couple of ride alongs. Even got him his first revenue, he helped me on a commercial inspection of a 8,700 SF Banquet Hall.

  1. It is great when you see your help and mentoring seeds produce large and delicious fruit like this guy. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside when you realize that you had something to do with it.

  2. Makes you scared that this guy lives about 2 miles away from you and he will be competing against you :shock:

  3. Gives you a good feeling that if you go away, on vacation or some such, that you have a guy that will a) really serve your clients well and b) will make you look good for referring.

  4. Makes you feel old, is a good way, that the student has, at least, met the master’s standards, and maybe exceeded him. (Pardon the Kung-Fu movie analogy :mrgreen: )

  5. Makes you feel very blessed that the Good L-rd has put you in the world and given you the gifts and put you in the hands of a professional association like INACHI, so that you could learn AND pass on that learning to others.

Sometimes the best way to learn is to teach (good students have a way of keeping the teacher on his edge!).

Blessings flow, like water, into you. It is best if you be a pipe (letting the water flow through you and you pass it onto others) than a tank (holding onto all the blessings, but just getting all bloated and pressurized with old water).

Take it in, learn and pass it on.

I feel so blessed, right now.

Thank you, NACHI!

Thank you, Mike.

Life is good :smiley:

Nice post Will.

Agreed, nice post will.

Dude has a nice site too! :slight_smile:

We can not only learn from iNACHI, but also from each other’s web sites.

Actually, my favorite is the wet crawl-space article.

BTW, I’m aware that some pages at www.paragoninspects.com do not display properly for some IE 6 users (everything works in IE 7, Firefox most other browsers, and on beta versions the next IE and Firefox) and we are working on these at the moment.

Will, way to acknowledge the student. You must have taught him something worthwhile. Mike that is a very nice website. Good job all the way around guys.


As of 3/18/2008 I am still having problems getting the kickout page to display properly is Ver. 6 and earlier of Microsoft Internet Explorer (it works fine in IE 7 and Firefox).

If you are using IE 6 or earlier and do not wish to update, a version of the page is available in PDF format here: