Learn how to recognize structural defects in solid lumber ($4 ppv).


Nick, when did you start charging to watch the video’s?

You must of missed Nick’s post on the cost of producing one of these.:wink:

$4 seem cheap to me.

Kenneth, only a few are ppv: http://www.nachi.tv/ppv We started launching a few ppv shows a couple months ago. The rest are free.

Best $4 ever spent…

Moves along, huh? I had to keep hitting the pause button, especially on the quizzes.

See how you are? :wink:

Actually, I probably would have missed the button completely. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

It took four days to build the studio. Like it?

There are three panels used as backdrops. There are two panels on the left-side of Paige. One panel is an abstract painting of “cutting.” The other is of “holes.”

The panel to the right of Paige is of “______.” What?