Learn how to search engine optimize your inspection site. Watch the show!!


Great show Dominic!! Just watch those Um’s and you will be fine!!
Thank You for a very informative show!!

Excellent show Dominic, I learned much. Very natural and easy to watch.

Yeah umm, I do need to work on those. None of it was scripted so I was just thinking of what I wanted to cover as I went along, hence a few pauses.

Thanks Nick, glad you liked it! Thanks for letting me put it up, I hope it will help the guys out!

Great job Dominic.

Can’t wait to get started on the new site.:slight_smile:

I actually finished setting it up about an hour ago. You’ll be getting a password any minute for it now.

Yes this was an excellent video
Will it go on www.homeinspectorpro/home-inspection-report-videos
As we here doing CHICAGO HOME INSPECTION enjoyed it
The HOME INSPECTION PRO INSPECTION REPORT VIDEOS are definitely an asset for doing inspection inCHICAGO.
Of course we enjoy it in the suburbs such as NILES,DES PLAINES,HARWOOD HEIGHTS.
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where was I oh yes INSPECTION PRO INSPECTION REPORT VIDEOS and how we enjoy them in CHICAGO.
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CHICAGO heheheheh

I knew you were working on it because when I checked there was some sample content. :cool:

Mike which template did you pick?

Obviously you were distracted when watching the video as I covered the HUGE no no of hiding text

He just got access about 10 minutes ago! Give him a chance. I’m still cleaning up the last few templates there but they are almost all done.

OH OK never mind
If you can read this lets make fun of people with poor vision

Smarta$$ :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Haven’t yet Bob.
What’s your preference? I haven’t even logged in yet.
I just bought the domain 2 days ago and I’m fighting computer problems today as well getting an inspection set up for tomorrow for an out of town client. Dang agents kept fighting about who should show up to let me in.
Finally got confirmation.
Dang Supras.

BTW- this inspection came from my “have this inspector call me” button on my current site. Client was surprised how quickly I called him back.:cool:

Theme 10 is really cool but I haven’t quite finished it as it still has a few images with the watermark from iStockPhoto.com (where I get the pics). I need to finish buying the rest and update the headers.

Good luck with that i stock court suit Dom.
Mike there are a lot of good ones here s my starter site
It was on page three under chicago home inspection with nothing on it and ahead of linus which gave me a kick hahaha.
Do not worry about being busy as it can take up to six weeks for Goggle to know you are there, but try and get some key words up right away.