Learn how to succeed from an inspector who did 60 inspections last month.


“You can make more money NOT by being a hard inspector, but by sharing the knowledge you have with your clients.”

tried to view after going through hoops and even though it says there is no charge for this video it is trying to get my personal credit card information.
What gives?

Is this free?

I was wondering the same thing

Jim owes it all to Margariete.

Way to go, Jim. Bucking the trend, as usual.

Ben made the episode free: http://www.nachi.org/bestinspection.htm

Thanks Ben!

No answer to our questions as to why credit card information is needed to view this video Nick.

How do I view this video?

Anybody have an answer?

I watched early, part yesterday, the rest today. No credit card. I did find it on another thread though.

No credit card needed when I watched it.

I watched the Video, I thought it was a good video, he did not seem nervous making it which is good, it goes to show he has a good relationship with the clients from the start of the inspection…truly needed or at least VERY helpful to get that relationship of the clients expectations right off the bat, and it helps so much having the client present while doing the inspection, which was also explained.

He basically does the inspections the same way I do, explained it very simply, and was straight to the point explaining…nice job…!!

Thanks Ben!

There were concerns (on other threads) about James carrying a 2nd ladder on the roof to get to the top. Personally, I think that it’s up to the ability of the inspector. It’s not required. Many inspectors don’t walk upon any slope/pitch. Some go up steep slopes 6:12 and up.

Personally, I’ve carried a 2nd smaller ladder to get to the very top of the roof system. In PA, there are many older home with many levels of roofs. See attached pictures.
IMG_0001.JPG I’d use a 2nd ladder off the front porch here because
IMG_0047.JPG this reach (on the same house) is difficult. I’d rather carry a smaller 2nd ladder up.

IMG_0055.JPG IMG_0120.JPG A 2nd smaller ladder on the back-side of this house is easier than a 32-ft fiberglass on the side.

Carrying a 2nd ladder up is similar to pulling out a moisture meter. Neither is required. And the inspector should know what they’re doing.