Learning a skilled trade

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I would like to give a BIG shoutout to Bill & Deborah Hamilton (Internachi member) of Inspection Wizards in Grayson Ga for taking a chance and hiring me as an apprentice, since I had No experience and the handicap of being a girl I am truly humbled and grateful that a master inspector is taking the time and effort to teach me a skilled trade that will forever change my life Thank you Bill!!!


I sure hope my 4yo daughter doesn’t view being a girl as a handicap. I certainly do everything I can to teach her that women are smarter :slight_smile:


Welcome to our forum, Cecelia!..Enjoy! :smile:

Yeah I’m with @aankeny, being a girl isn’t a handicap. I’m pretty confident to say that the way women (girls) are with attention to detail definitely outshine men, or at least most men. If anything you have an advantage.
I don’t want my daughter to ever think she’s handicapped cause she’s a girl.

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Bill & Deborah Hamilton, good on you!

I was watching a foundation crew pouring concrete footings today and some of it had to be wheeled. there were 3 men and 1 woman, Well see outworked the men, she showed them how it is done. :+1:


Best of luck to you Cecelia! We need more women in this profession.