Learning from inspectors for a university project

Hi, my name is Jennifer Lee and I’m a computer science undergrad at Columbia. My dad worked as an inspector for 12 years, so I’m interested in the home inspection industry.

For my senior project, I’m thinking about building something to help inspectors, but I’m not sure what to build. I thought I’d start with some research that goes beyond asking my dad, which is why I’m on this forum.

I’d appreciate it if anyone is willing to help me by sharing their personal experience and answering this question:

**If a genie could grant you one wish that changes the way you work as an inspector, what would you wish for? **

Or asked another way - what’s the biggest pain point you experience as an inspector?

To keep your answers from biasing other people, feel free to email it to me directly at jennlee989@gmail.com

Thank you so much!!

My knees, they are (medically confirmed) slightly older than me.

Do you charge more if the house has stairs? :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL I may consider it. :smiley: