Learning The Inspection Field?

Hello All,

I’m new to the Home/Commercial inspector field/course, but I have been doing Hvac as a Tech for 24 years and I have always loved finding issues for people. I’m learning a lot with the Home/Commercial inspection course and I think I’m doing pretty good due to all my years in the Hvac service field. Still I have a lot of learning plus testing ahead of me, but I’m really enjoying it so far. My question is; How hard is it to find work in the Inspection field? This will be my first time doing this for a living and just trying to gauge the work load or If anyone could share some info about starting out?


Eric welcome and to answer your question work in this field can vary by location. Demand in home sales can vary. You have an excellent background and I would market around that. Customers will make decisions on hiring you based on prior experience and price. This is a business that may be slow to get up and running but most seem to be successful after a year or two. Have you thought about starting a HVAC business at the same time?

Reach out to other inspectors in your area and go to your local chapter meetings

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Helpful hints for New Inspectors.pdf (230.1 KB)

Here’s a few tips you won’t get in school, good luck to you!

Ted Emmes


Welcome to our forum, Eric!..where there are no stupid questions…Enjoy! :smile:

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Welcome Eric! I’m in my first year, well like my 4th month. My advice so far is to get seen. When all this COVID-19 craziness is over or safe to be in groups, go to your local chamber of commerce, join a networking group. Get in front it as many people as possible. My chamber and networking group are responsible for half of the business I’ve had thus far. Plus, it’s helped build my network of people, I’ve got a handyman, mortgage lender, personal finance that I’m 100% comfortable recommending to people

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Belated welcome, Ryan! :smile:

Thanks. I have all the books and have been studying for my Hvac license, but after I read about the 12 months clause I thing I’ll waiting until I learned this skill/trade first would be best. Plus it cost a lot more to start a Hvac business, but it is in the plans.

Thanks and yeah good advice, I will check into that. This COVID-19 is a mess I tell you. One think it did is wake me up to work for myself, so in a way after it is gone I’ll be ready to get this started.

Thanks Larry, Well like my daddy always said, the dumbest question is the one never asked…

Thanks Ted and great advice. C.Y.A.

Thanks Jeff. Will do, man do I got a lot to learn.

Isn’t that the truth, Eric! :smile:

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